NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti/3070 Ti

Anyone planning to try to get one of the new cards when they launch? Overall I am pretty disappointed that NVIDIA went for $1,199 for the 3080 Ti. This means AIB cards will be getting into 3090 MSRP price range. Thought I would trade in my 3080 for the Ti, but now I am not so sure. May just keep the 3080 and wait for the next gen to upgrade. Looking at benchmarks it is not a huge jump for 4K gaming and don’t think it is worth $500 more.


I’ll be trying but it is definitely overpriced from the perspective of being a 3080 ti. Looking at it through the lens of a 3090 replacement product, it’s a good price.


I find the RTX 3080 TI to be insulting personally. The price is astronomical and really just a money grab as Nvidia was seeing the AIBs and scalpers make money hand over fist so they wanted to join in by moving RTX3080 chips to a more expensive card (RTX 3080 TI).

I have an RTX 3080, which remember MSRP is $699 USD and is 90% to 95% of the speed of the RTX 3090. The RTX 3080TI is a waste of silicon truly. I would say just buy an RTX 3080 if you can get one, or get an RTX 3090 if you need the extra VRAM. No reason to get the RTX 3080 TI unless you have money to burn, really need a graphics card and plan on only using the card for gaming.

I would watch the video by Gamers Nexus as he explains it quite well and shows the same level of disappointment and frustration of the launch as I have :sweat_smile:


Forgot the MSRP on the 3080 was $699 which makes it even worse of an upgrade. I used to get the Ti cards (980 Ti, then the 1080 Ti), but it looks like I will be waiting another gen to get the top end card. Skipped last gen since they raised the Ti price as well.


Yeah, it feels like so long ago when the 3080 was released. The market is crazy though currently so hopefully whenever you do decide to upgrade that you can find something at a reasonable price :slight_smile:

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I heard a lot of people saying dont buy the 3090, and I wasnt interested in doing so, until I experienced how difficult it was to get your hands on a 3080. In the end, I’m glad I plopped down the $1500 for one when I had the chance, considering how much you have to pay for them on the secondary market now.

tl:dr A 3090 in the hand is better than two 3080ti’s in the bush.


I’ve given up. The reason is that the so-called performance of these cards doesn’t match the massive price increase (MSRP) that they are asking for.

Plus, scalpers.


ha i would love to be able to even afford one. To be fair, i don’t game enough on the pc to justify getting one, so thats a no for me

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For a Model 2 and Model 3, which would be better?

1: An AIB 3080 with 2x HDMI 2.1’s
2: A 3080 Ti FE with only 1x HDMI 2.1 (meaning the model 2 would be on DP 1.4)

Seeing as how it is hard to get a hold of a card right now, whichever you can get, truthfully.

If I had my choice, I’d get a card that has dual HDMI 2.1 and at least a single DP 1.4, for future proofing.


Assuming you are in a situation to get either of them at MSRP, I would go with the 3080. You can take that $500 savings and wait for the next gen of GPUs to come out in the next year or two. I would expect them to be 4K beasts and be able to handle high refresh at max 4K settings unlike the current lineup that can still struggle.


Good point, I missed the Ti in the second card - $1200 for a remarkably minor performance increase over the stock 3080 is really not worth it, at this point.

A good example of why I say this: Waste of Money: NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti Review & Benchmarks - YouTube


I guess what I’m asking really is, will a DP 1.4 fully support a 1440p 240 hz monitor? I currently have one of each in my possession (both purchased at msrp) and I’m trying to decide which one to keep and which to give to my friend (for a small finders fee).

Edit: No bots were used to get these cards. 1 was out of pure luck and the other was due to waking up early enough to go to Best Buy.

I would still keep the 3080 with the two HDMI 2.1 ports. You can do 1440p@240Hz with no DSC with HDMI 2.1. The 3080 Ti FE card is using the 3080 cooler design which has been shown to not be able to completely handle the heat the card generates. This results in the GPU being thermal throttled. Overall I don’t really think it is worth the extra cost and you are better gaming on your 3080 until the next gen comes out that will be even more powerful at the same price. I assume you got the 240 Hz to do completive shooters, in which case the 3080 can already do 1440p 240 Hz on all of them.

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Thanks for the great insight! I did see that the cooler design wasn’t enough to handle the heat load of the Ti. My PC is custom cooled so I was considering getting a waterblock for it. However, your point about 2.1 getting rid of the need for DSC is pretty compelling… Decisions Decisions…