NVIDIA 497.09 drivers and 104 firmware?

Has anybody experimented with the 104 firmware and the new Nvidia drivers?

Looks like its got things related to the issues we’ve all been seeing.

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I’ve restored to the 102 rollback driver and my screen blanking issues appear to have been resolved with the Nvidia driver update. I’m not playing with firmwares until they release a fox for the HDR greyscale bug.

I tried it yesterday (updated to 104+ 497.09). Had two blankings throughout the day in two different games.

That feels like less than before but after rolling back to 102 I get zero blanking occurrences. I’m sticking to 102 until it gets a proper fix.

I start getting blanking after I updated the NVIDIA driver to 497.09…
I didn’t experience any blanking before when I’m using 104 firmware alone…

I just recieved my monitor, however when i try to upgrade the firmware to 104… i get a message that my generic pnp has the most updated firmware… does the firmware have to be done via USB -c?

no, it does not need to be. you can even use a printer cable to update the firmware as well. also, firmware 105 has been released which several users are saying firmware 105 has been great.

to double check what firmware, you have in case you don’t know where to find it. go into the monitor on screen command. scroll down to information and your firmware # will be there. from the message i assume your monitor already came with firmware 104. try updating to 105 and see if that firmware update goes through. any more questions ask @nkyadav

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It sounds like you’re inside the Windows Device Manager and are hitting Update Drivers for the monitor.

This is not the correct way to do a firmware update. The updater you download from Eve is a ZIP file, which you then need to extract. Inside that is a PDF file with instructions on how to update. You need to follow those steps.

As @LoneWolf mentioned above, there’s also a version 105 firmware available that fixes some additional issues. We’re also expecting a version 106 to come out by the end of the month with even more fixes.


Thanks for the help. Firmware updated