Notebookcheck: News article about the V

Notebookcheck has long been my go-to site for tech reviews, as they perform exhaustive benchmarks, color measurements, everything. Ran across a mention of us and the 2nd wave of specs. They’re quoting Eve V tablet will have a Surface Pro 4-like high-res display (crowdfunding update) - Liliputing as a source, so I guess 2 links in 1? :wink:

Just posting it here till(/if) we get a dedicated press mentions thread going.


Oh, nice they got the english version up! :slight_smile:

There has been a german version for quite a while now - really neat to see :slight_smile:

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Oh, that’s a good site. I hope they’ll make proper test of V.


Yes! Notebook Review is an excellent site! It’s the only site that has function, design overviews and super informative benchmarks all in one place, for pretty much every existing device. I love them. Some sites get carried away with design, but forget to even mention very important specifications… some are big on benchmarking but never mention equally important stuff like key travel, or forget (or just don’t care) to warn that the build quality is absolute crap. Notebook Review does it all. And it does all till the end - there is nothing half-baked there. I’d absolutely love to see Eve V reviewed by them! :smiley: