Not being able to use 1440p @120hz

I have been trying to get my spectrum to work with changing my resolution to 1440p and the only refresh options i get are 60hz or lower even when i try to make a custom resolution, this is over hdmi 2.0 on an rtx 2060 super on windows 10 with the latest firmware of the monitor (1.04)

Go over into inputs/outputs within on screen display OSD. Go to hdmi port mode section. Both 1 and 2 port will have 2.1. Change that to 2.0 or compatibility. That should help. If it’s still an issue try another cable.

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I had this issue with the display not showing the correct refresh rate. The way I fixed it was to reinstall windows. Hope this helps.

Hi @Maurice_Maurits,

Can you please confirm if you are still having issues with the Spectrum.

Problem/ issue hasn’t been resolved yet sadly after trying the suggestions that you all have given (thank you a lot though) still can’t get get 1440p to work above 60 hz.

One thing to note here: given you’ve got an RTX 2060, you’re waaaaaaayyyyyy better off using a DisplayPort cable to connect to your Spectrum.

The 2060 only supports HDMI 2.0, which has a bandwidth limit of 18Gbps and no support for DSC. You’ll be fairly limited in the resolution + refresh rate combos you can use.

If you switch to DisplayPort, the bandwidth limit will increase to 25.9Gbps and you’ll get DSC support. This opens up a much wider range of resolution + refresh rate options.


but it shouldn’t matter for 1440p @ 120hz because you only need around 13 Gbps (13,27) to run that so to me it sounds that there shouldn’t be a problem in that regard, i can be completly wrong aswell of course, but ill try it anyway, thank you (-:

edit: i was completly wrong and going from hdmi to dp was the right call, thank you so much