Non gaming hardware suporting 4K at 144Hz

Hi there,
I’ve ordered 4K monitor.
I am not a gamer, but a heavy media consumer.
Currently own a Lenovo with Intel core i5 9400T (Intel UHD graphics 630) and exporting video signal via USB-C to 4K@60Hz monitor.
My question is is this setup is enough to handle 4K@144Hz?
When I tried Google, everything is about gaming and crazy expensive GPUs and information is confusing as most of the time they use FPS instead of Hz.
Would be very nice if people with knowledge here make some kind of list of supported integrated graphics( Intel and AMD), ports and cables.
Thank you in advance.


Hi, @Constantine! Welcome back!

Display Port (DP) 1.4 & display stream compression (DSC) needs to be used to get 4K@144Hz on Spectrum without owning an HDMI 2.1 video output device. If your system supports DP 1.4, it should get you 4K@144Hz on Spectrum. I searched both Intel and AMD desktop integrated GPUs but did not find any precise results about which DP version they support. I suppose it may vary based on the motherboard.


Hello Constantine,

According to Intel’s official specification, the processor you have can run a 4K (3840 × 2160) display at 60hz. (up to: 4096x2304@60Hz)

Supported DisplayPort and HDMI versions are dependent on the motherboard specs. If you have your Lenovo’s model number, you can lookup detailed information on Lenovo’s website here: Lenovo PC Technical Support

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Further clarification:

Hz = How often the display refreshes the screen with the current image.
FPS = How often the computer sends a new image or “frame” to the display.

Because this CPU can’t handle 144 FPS at 4K resolution to match the 144hz, you’ll only get ~60 FPS at 4K. This means that you can still use the display, but you won’t be able to take full advantage of it.

The only effective way to get the full 144 FPS that’ll take full advantage of a 144 Hz display, would be to find out if your Lenovo has a dedicated GPU, or if it can have one installed. If you get me the model number of your Lenovo, I can tell you.


Thank you.
As it was pointed above, Intel UHD 630 does not support 4K@144hz, so I probably have to update - and here is the question…with what?
I am not a gamer, so not interested in expensive GPUs. I am looking for a system with integrated Intel or AMD graphics.
I am sure that many other people will be interested in a similar setup, so the idea was to create a tread that they can find this info.
So… if anyone knows what will work, please post here.


I’ll tell you right now, you’re going to struggle to hit 4K @ 144FPS desktop experience with “integrated” graphics.

“Integrated” just means that the CPU is doing all the work instead of offloading graphics processing to a dedicated GPU. Even the best CPUs, with the best integrated graphics technology struggle with 4K@144 FPS. A dedicated GPU can set you back anywhere from $50 to $2000+ depending on what you’re needs are.

A 144hz display is excellent for smoothly displayed computing regardless of your processing power.

It’s like having a really high-speed internet connection: at the basic level (do a google search), your experience is the same regardless of the speed. Put it through its paces (download 4K HDR videos), and then the benefits shine through.

You having an i5 with integrated graphics means that you can probably watch 4K movies and play 2d casual games to your heart’s content with no problems. Try to play Fortnite at 4K and your system won’t handle it. Try to play 8K video and your system won’t handle it.

Question number one is always this: What do I want to do with my pc? Question number two is: How much am I willing to pay for the ability to do what I want?

Depending on the answer to question one, you’ll feel different about your answer to question two. Answer these, and then we can talk about what suits your requirements.

So what are you hoping to do?


Excellent question, Brendon :slight_smile:
I am not a creator of content, I am not a gamer…
I am a consumer of “heavy” media content.
That’s an answer of question One…
What I am willing to pay? Well, somewhere between £500 and a £1000.
That’s an answer of question Two :slight_smile:

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I think based on what you’ve described there Constantine, as long as your i5 still works for running your “heavy” media content on your 4K display, then you’ll be just fine sticking with it.

Most media is limited to 24, 30, or (rarely) 60 fps anyway, so you won’t see much improvement there from a 144Hz monitor. Where you will see improvement is in the desktop experience, and in graphically lightweight apps. The interface overall will animate more smoothly.

If you’re itching for an upgrade, just make sure you get a PC with at least an intel 10th or 11th gen i5 or better processor, and at least 8GB of RAM.

For £1000 you can easily find a better PC with a new i5, 16GB of RAM, an SSD hard drive, and perhaps a GTX 1660ti dedicated GPU if you’re lucky and it’s on sale. This would certainly take advantage of your 144Hz 4K monitor and could even let 4K videos play back more easily.

Just don’t get put off by the term “Gaming PC”. All that means is that it’s capable of gaming, and therefore is a powerful computer with capable graphics processing.