No word back from support about the audio

I have been trying to get an answer about this terrible audio.

Xbox and PC are connected through HDMI. The monitor uses the aux out to sound bar.

The audio is ridiculously quiet. This is terrible. I am a step away from taking a loss and selling this monitor on Ebay.

What audio out options do we have? The Series X does not have an optical port. It has to go over HDMI. Besides the aux cable, how can I get my audio out from this monitor to a sound bar or speakers.

The volume is terrible on the aux port.

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to get sound other than your monitor you will have to plug in a pair of headset into your controller to get sound and you will be able to adjust the volume through xbox settings. you can also buy a external dac amp soundcard like a soundblasterX g6 which its great for console gaming via usb. you will then just plug a pair of headphone/headset into the external dac amp. Creative Sound BlasterX G5 7.1 Headphone Surround HD Audio External Sound Card with Headphone Amplifier for Windows PC / Mac / PS4 / and Other Consoles : Electronics

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