No turning on after installing new Intel Display Driver

Yesterday I started Adobe Illustrator. It said there might occur problems with your display driver. Please update to Intel HD Graphics 615 100.8476 or higher.
I went the to the Intel website and download the Intel driver manager. It found 5 Drivers that could be updated. I took the display driver. The install went through, no problems. After the installation I did not wait for the restart, just shut the Eve V down for powering it up in the morning.
The next day nothing, absolutely nothing worked. The screen is black and stays black. No light is flashing. No light at the keyboard either, no light at the mouse.
I detatched the keyboard and tried the restart, nothing.
I pushed the power-On-Button for at least 30 sec. - nothing, multiple times.
The eve is connected to the power, touching it’s hull it’s humming.
Any clue, anyone?

Try the Bios upgrades 2019

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