[No Spoilers] Hi, I'm Tim and I've got something to ease your minds

HEBs have one in the box and you can propably order the glass protector from the webshop too.

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Not only HEBs :grinning:
EBs, too!


Lucky you, Tim! Enjoy it!
You managed to make me jealous, not only you got your V but you had some beer :joy:
While I have to wait some more weeks for the first part to happen to me, maybe we can arrange the latter when you’re back in town so I can enjoy a beer with you, too? :wink:

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Weren’t you already beered by Eve in Ulm, though? :smiley:


Yes, we all were, as can be seen in Tims profile pic :wink:
But it feels like ages and he has a V now! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Awesome, Dude!

[I’ll leave it at that.]

i am curious about this is well… also on you thoughts on the lack of “stickiness” of the pen to the V that some reviewers have mentioned.


Incredible opening post. Can’t wait to hear more of your experiences with the V!
Have fun and congrats on being “first” :smiley:

Great story, very honest. THANK YOU for the great impressions!
I hope to hold my V for my birthday on 1.Dec in my hands.

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I was expecting more due to the advertisement. They sound good, they get decently loud, but it’s still only a tablet. And for that they’re good. But I’d rather use headphones or external speakers 90% of the time anyways. For tablet speakers I’m satisfied, just expected more when they were talking about quad speakers with more power. Not truly disappointed though.

Sure, but I’ll be back shortly before Christmas.

I wouldn’t trust it to hold the pen securely when traveling about. It’s fine for storing the pen while you’re sitting at a table, but if stored that way in a bag or swiftly walking up some stairs I’m pretty sure it will fall off. I keep it in the sleeve constantly and only take it out when I use it. It also has a clip so you can properly store it in bags or shirts if you want to.


Congratulations on being the first to get your V.

I respect the effort you took to go there and take delivery the way you did.

That shows your dedication, commitment and appreciation!


Very, very cool story :slight_smile:

Enjoy your V…

And before I forget: I never met the guys from Eve but from the first moment I contributed to the V, I had the feeling that these people are not only worth my money but also my trust.
And I never lost the faith in them or the project.
EVEn if I don’t have it yet, I’m really happy to be part of it and still can’t wait to finally have the V in my own hands.
But also I’m pretty happy to stick with those people for the next projects :slight_smile:


Nice Story and im really happy for you and to see that HEB slowly but surely get there Vs :smile: cant wait to hold my one in my hands :blush: Thanks for sharing the expirience

Thanks for the info! Hope you’re enjoying your V time.

Enjoy your V
Very soon we will enjoy ours!!

No pity for us, second batch people ? :cry:

Does the V battery have enough power for a 10hr fay in ur use case?

To answer this question tell us how do you plan the device?

I honestly can’t answer that at the moment, but I can give you a small indication. My use case right now is the following: I am traveling and spent the last days on an island with no Wi-Fi and electricity from 6pm till midnight sleeping in a hammock. So all I’ve really done with it was dealing with some government bureaucracy and watching the occasional series. For that, even outside in the Cambodian sun, I think I could use it for over 10 hours, assuming battery percentage is dropping linearly and Windows isn’t fluffing (nearly forgot myself There but nice autocorrect :smiley: ) it up. My screen brightness is obviously high but I’m not using WiFi or any real processing power.

@frand771: I hope this answers your question as well, I’m not sure what you were asking.


What about the pen experience? Did you have any issues with it? I’m curious about the height at which the pen is detected by the V. Also can you tell little bit about palm detection?