[No Spoilers] Hi, I'm Tim and I've got something to ease your minds

Being the first customer to receive a V has made it possible for me to type this up on the V. How, why, you ask? Sit down and let me tell you a little story. (and if you’re not interested get up and out of my first thread, punk :stuck_out_tongue:)

Disclaimer: I’m guessing most of you have seen me around the forums and read a few of my posts. I’m quite certain that I havn’t made the impression of a big fanboy on most of you. I surely hope I didn’t. And I hope this post doesn’t change that :slight_smile:

I’ll break this wall of text down a bit, because I somehow decided to introduce myself a bit in here as well, so click away to see the details:

Intro, this really doesn't answer the question, skip if too long :)

Over the last few years I have treated myself to some a bit more expensive nice goodie near the end of each year, so this all started about a year ago with me sitting in my room pondering what I wanted and needed that year. I decided that my old 14" laptop weighing 3kg from 2011 with an abyssmal battery life of about 20 minutes, serious heat issues and a cracked 1600x900 screen was up for replacement this year around. And in case you’re wondering: yes, it did fill half my backpack on its own.

So I did what every sensible person does: I fired up google and visited some electronic stores. I was intrigued by the Surface Pro 4 and even more so the Surface Book, I have never owned a tablet before and all those android and iOS tablets always seemed a bit gimmicky to me. I decided my next laptop is going to be a tablet. And a laptop. In some kind of way. Whatever …
It needed awesome battery life for those long days, it needed to be my computer for my quite frequent periods of travelling and my extensive periods of working away from home. It needed a full OS, not some scaled up mobile thing. It needed a great screen for my entertainment and it needed a pen just because I wanted one and I said so!

Reading up alot on the available 2-in-1s I noticed many flaws bothering me in different products. Short battery lives, subpar screens, awful port selections, keyboard docks that don’t let you adjust the angle and so on. Oh, and the prices, these things are expensive. I’ve got to say the closest thing for me were the Surface Pro and the Surface Book. These things seemed awesome, come from a huge reputable company but sadly with a price tag that is just as huge. Since I’m the kind of guy that needs some storage I was forced to look at the higher end models.

And I was still interested and even possibly willing to pony up the cash and buy something. But if you’re spending multiple thousands on a computer you expect it to be perfect or damn near it. The microsoft lineup sadly just wasn’t. There were many things bothering me and some are no different here but I just wasn’t willing to buy a Surface Pro or Book without USB C, bad battery life reviews, no user serviceability, proprietary charging connector, no wireless keyboard, no keyboard backlight, a middle class CPU with a fan, too weak dGPU (hell, if you’re going to put one there in the first place give me something powerful if you’re charging 3000$), and so on. The compromises were too large for the steep price on both the Pro and the Book.

So I somehow stumbled on Eve near my birthday while still searching for my new device. It was confusing. It was weird. Infos I needed were missing. And I had trouble trusting this new company trying to sell me a tablet on a crowdfunding platform. Would I ever get it? Would it be crap? How can I be sure that this is better than throwing my money in a pot and lighting it as a bonfire? If I had US$ that is, with Euros the small bills are actually valuable enough that it’s expensive to get a decent fire running but I’m drifting off.

So I started reading and searching the forum for answers to my questions. I somehow ended up creating an account to ask those really elusive questions I couldn’t find answers to myself. And at some point I just decided to take a leap of faith and buy one. It didn’t solve all problems I had with other products and I still can’t simply open it up and tinker around as I see fit, but I guess that’s just not really popular on new computers anymore. It checked most of my boxes, I was satisfied with the things it offered and the price, wow the price …
It’s not cheap, absolutely not. Buying a laptop I could probably get twice the performance for the same price. But that doesn’t matter to me much anymore, this is my device for on the go and I don’t really play demanding games anymore. And I can’t imagine it having trouble running Hearthstone at acceptable quality. So compared to other high specced 2-in-1s the price was good. Probably the best. On the lower end it’s really just comparable but for the i5 and i7 versions it seemed like a bargain.
Even though my present to myself wouldn’t arrive the same year it was ordered and therefore break my tradition a bit I would patiently wait to get my V sometime in February or March.
We all know how that ended :joy:

The explanation you were looking for

So what happened???
After waiting for about a year for my V to be delivered I had changed my adress multiple times when there were new delivery schedules since I probably spend half of my time elsewhere than home. So the V was scheduled to arrive multiple times and at one point where delivery was supposed to go to my home adress I wrote a message to our lovely community manager @iKirin, jesting that if they delayed it even further I’d like to come pick it up myself in Hong Kong and save the shipping costs.

And then a while back it was announced: delivery is moved back to the last week of October/first week of November. We all know this didn’t really work out in the end but that was the info we had.

The thing is I grew up in Hong Kong, hadn’t been there for about a decade and had already booked a flight to Hong Kong on the 29th of October to visit my old home. I don’t have an adress here, I’d be constantly moving around and I wouldn’t be home in Germany for ages to receive it and so I decided it can’t hurt to ask for real and just went ahead suggesting that I swing by somewhere and pick it up myself.

To my pleasant surprise I promptly received an OK from the team and @myien, living in Hong Kong, would organize that my V wouldn’t be shipped and we’d meet somewhere so I can get my V from her personally. I was thrilled.

Most of us know that the Eve team is very up close and personal but I honestly really wasn’t expecting this kind of customer care. We can argue about many things regarding the Eve team. Communication, transparency, unrealistic timelines and so on are debatable and many of us, including myself, have been frustrated at times when the update and delay came right at the planned shipping date but I think we can all agree, that the team is not just some huge corporation sitting far away from their customers and only looking at their profits.

The team members I’ve met are all open, friendly and relatable human beings, be it online or meeting in person and this is a big part of what has kept me content with waiting for a product for such a long time.
As far as I’ve seen they go to huge lengths to keep us, the customers and the community, as happy as possible, going out of their way to offer swaps of preorders, changes of adress or order configurations and at some point if I remember correctly also refunding in special cases where they didn’t have to.
And this is the reason I wanted to share this story, to remind people that the V had major delays, yes, but that the team has always given this project and therefore us everything they’ve got, both on a business and a personal level.

I decided that getting my V was great but I was also interested in meeting the team members so I suggested to grab a beer together if they weren’t too busy. I would be very happy to meet them before they have my V ready as well. And sure enough, @Konstantinos, @anon70891453 and @Xinjie showed up in Hong Kong, we had szechuan food, a bit of tsing tao and a great chat. @myien sadly wasn’t able to make it to dinner with us.

But in the end I did get to pick up my V from her at her home, so I have it now :slight_smile:

I wanted to write up this post but had my doubts about it. I wanted to give Eve this bit of positive PR but don’t want people to feel treated unfairly. This wouldn’t work if many people acted the way I did. I guess in this case I was just the lucky one and I hope no one is upset about it. So we discussed it and decided I would publish this post when I have my V.

Some things that happen in Hong Kong stay in Hong Kong, we agreed on that, others I’m allowed to share. Many things like the unboxing and engraving etc have already leaked anyway now, so I won’t bother. I had also decided that I wouldn’t publically share it anyway. There is also no need to review it, since those are out as well now. If you do have a question feel free to ask away, maybe I can help you. I’m quite busy at the moment though.

But I’m going to tell you as the first backer to have unboxed his V: The experience is super sweet. The attention to detail is amazing, take your time, cherish the little things you wouldn’t notice if you just tear through it. I know it’s hard after a year of waiting but you should have the patience for these few minutes. You will find little unexpected goodies along the way.

The engraving … well if you’re asking for an honest opinion: meh …
I mean it’s not bad, but I wanted konstas cat. Or a smashed arc mouse. Or a bottle of sciracha sauce. I’ll stop eliminating stuff it could be now, it’s a surprise after all, one that nobody but you Hyper early Birds will probably ever notice.

The device isn’t absolutely flawless but it’s damn good if you ask me and flawless is pretty much impossible anyway.

So in the end I’ll leave you only with these pictures and wish you alot of fun unboxing and using your very own V in the future. I am certain you will enjoy it!

(michelle didn’t know my last name :smiley:)



I’m jealous! Congrats on being the first backer to get the V, and I hope to get mine soon! (2nd batch backer and fellow Hong Konger here) And of course, enjoy the V!


oh boy, nice story bro.

Enjoy your V (i am really jealous) :smiley:


Super jealous right now. Can’t wait to get my hands on one soon


Really nice story and congrats for being the first owning a V! :+1: And when comes the review? :smiley:

Congrats! Am I right in thinking that you typed your post on your new V?

Being the first customer to receive a V has made it possible for me to type this up on the V. How, why, you ask? Sit down and let me tell you a little story. (and if you’re not interested get up and out of my first thread, punk :stuck_out_tongue:)


Thanks - I missed that bit!

Even though I hate that guy right now, the story moved something deep down in me and I like him now… :stuck_out_tongue:
Congrats, buddy! See you soon in the V owners club!


U must be next to shenzhen :smiley:

Hopefully, I’ll get mine quickly after it ships since I live in Dongguan. An hour north of Shenzhen:smile:

I’m not jealous but just because I’m so happy with my life that somone else beeing happy doesn’t make me experience this feeling anymore (and I know I will get my V in a few days).

I’m happy for you. Enjoy your V and thanks for the thread.


Congrats, enjoy it… But I will never forgive you revealing that the surprise wasn’t one of Konstas Cats…:joy:


Congrats and have fun with the V :+1:

Congratz dude lol! What an awesome story!

Thanks for addressing this man. I feel similarly about a lot of things in life, in that it’s OK for few, but if everybody wants something it just doesn’t work for “reasons” so I think that everything you and the team did was fine. It was an exceptional case, and was treated as such, and everybody was discrete.

That said, I’m insanely jealous.

Nice post man. Glad you’re happy.


I took the liberty of moving your topic. Your first ever topic about the first ever customer receiving their V is now the first ever topic in the new #products:v-user-experiences category!


I was just wondering, with the reviews that have come out, what’s your opinion of the Vs speakers so far?


I noticed the anti-glare coating seems :+1:t3: at the angle u took the pic.

Any suitable screen protector? We may start looking for one…