No Signal with laptop

Hi. I just received my spectrum 4K and I have used it with my gaming PC (3080Ti) with an HDMI cable. It works flawlessly. I also tried to use it as a second display with my office laptop (dell xps 13 7390 connected via HDMI and a usb-c adapter. I can’t get a signal. Screen is black. Is there something to configure ? I tried with another laptop directly connected via HDMI. Same issue. No signal.
Please help!

Things to try:

  • Plug into both of the HDMI ports on the Spectrum. It’s possible that one of them is faulty.
  • Check the cable with another screen (e.g. a TV) to make sure it’s not a cable issue.
  • Check the HDMI output settings and reduce either the resolution or the refresh rate. If the picture comes back, the cable has too much cross-talk and the signal is being rejected.
  • Try putting one of the Spectrum’s HDMI ports into HDMI 2.0 mode. It’s possible that there’s a compatibility issue with HDMI 2.1.