No signal using DP

Just got my new Spectrum today, took down my previous 1080p monitor so I am excited to try not only the 4k but the higher refresh rate. When I used my current DP cable, the monitor reads no signal. HDMI works fine, but since I don’t have a 2.1 cable nor a GPU that support it, I need to use my Display cable for higher refresh rate.

The Cable works, as I just took it from a working unit. I’m hoping this is an easy fix.


I’m getting the same issue just plugged the Spectrum in and no picture with DP

The cable you’re using probably doesn’t have the bandwidth to support 4k 144hz. Get an 8k rated DP cable (8k 60hz should handle 4k 144hz). Not all cables are created equally.


I bought a 8k HDMI 2.1 still blank screen and after all the hasstle of the delivery this monitor i’m at the end of my rope

Contact support, sounds DOA then. That said - just to be clear - the power button on the back is not the thumbstick button, it’s a bit below that. When you push that, are you getting any display at all? Maybe a “no input detected” message?

Also - you said you got an HDMI cable this time. What is it connected to? Only the current gen graphics cards support HDMI 2.1 (although, you should still get picture on older cards, it just wouldn’t be 4k 144hz)


I had my old working DP cable with my old monitor, but when I hooked it up all I got was no signal. I was like damn, maybe it was an older 1.2 cable.I ordered a new 8k 1.4 DP cable, it was just recieved today, but I’m still getting no signal issues.

I’m running out of ideas. I will say, for a split second I did see my asrock logo in my boot screen but that was the only image I saw through DP since getting my monitor.

After a fiddling with it a bit, I was eventually able to get an image using DP cable. I don’t know how quality it is, 4k HDR locks at 30hz, SDR can make it to 60HZ. If I drop it down to 1080, the monitor unlocks the 120HZ.

It sounds like you’re running an older (or less capable) graphics card that’s only capable of DisplayPort 1.2. That would definitely explain the limit of 4k@60 with no HDR.

Sadly, this is a DisplayPort limitation and there’s no way to work around it. There’s a limited bandwidth for the picture signal and no capability for compression, so your options of resolution + refresh rate + HDR are going to be rather limited.


I’ve checked the specs and I’m certainly running agpu that is dp 1.4. I’m now on my third cable and I’m still running into this bottleneck. My Rx 590 is showing its age running at 4k but my monitor should be able to hit 144 despite my in game performance suffering

Rx 590 doesn’t support DSC

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Huh, that would make the most sense so far. To be fair I had no idea this DSC existed. My previous monitor was 75Hz and I was able to hit it with my 590, so I just assumed I could go higher given the monitors ability.

Here’s a calculator that will show the maximum refresh rate for different resolution/compression/bits:

Without DSC, the maximum refresh rate of DP1.4 at 10 bit is 97.4hz. If you drop to 8 bit, you can barely reach 120hz (although it’s so tight that I’d be worried about a stable connection).

If you really want to hit 144hz at the expense of lower color quality (esports games maybe), you can lower the chroma subsampling, and manage it at 8 bit, YUV4:2:2