No Signal MacBook Pro 2017 USB C

I’m trying to hookup my Eve Spectrum to my MacBook Pro over USB C and I’m getting no signal from my monitor, and it doesn’t seem to get detected by my Mac. Is there a way to get this to work?

Are you using the correct USB-C port on the Spectrum? (There are two)

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USB-C video input has to be connected to the port on the bottom of the Spectrum, next to where the power adapter plugs in.

The USB-C port on the left side is for connecting peripherals only. It doesn’t accept video input and is limited to 15W power output.

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i do have it connected to the bottom, unfortunatley no signal still

It could be the cable then. Not all USB-C cables are the same.

There’s a lot of cables that are designed for charging only. They have the wires for power and USB 2 data, but are missing the additional wires needed for USB 3 data and display signals. You can’t easily tell from the outside which type of cable it is.

The cables also have different speed ratings. You want one rated for 40Gbps, often called a Thunderbolt 3 or USB 4 cable.

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Ohhh okay gotcha, mine must be a regular USB 3 because it’s the charger for my Mac, thank you

Yeah, it’s been found by a few people that the Mac charge cable is only USB 2. You’ll need to buy a cable.

Given that you need to buy something, you’ve got some options which cable to get.

If you’ve got an Intel-based Mac and want to make full use of your Spectrum, you’ll probably want a USB-C to DP1.4 cable. This works around a Mac bug that limits the refresh rate to 60Hz. However, it means no USB-C charging and you’ll need a separate USB-B-C to USB-B cable to use the Spectrum as a USB hub.

If you’ve got a M1-based Mac or don’t care about high refresh rates, a Thunderbolt 3 / USB 4 cable will do everything you need.

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Sounds good just got thunderbolt 3 and it works fine for what im doing with my mac, thanks