No refund since I paid for the 2017 Eve

I was one of the buyers in Dezember 4th, 2017 and canceled my order after almost a year. Since then, I have not got my money back.
Are there any news?

Thanks a lot!

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Thanks for the post! I’m not from Eve/Dough, but I’ve been around a LONG time (from the development of the 2017 V days) do know the best place to contact them is the support page. If you continue to have issues after attempting there, please continue to post here, it’ll help get attention. :slight_smile:

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Hello, thanks for the reply. I contacted them over 6 times since 2019. The last 4 times I not even got an answer :frowning: .


I know there’s been a TON of upheaval in the last year, especially with the rebranding. I know you’re probably tired of it, but it’s best to contact them again most likely since they seem to have a bit better of a community+support team now.

I contacted the dough support today. Let’s see if and what they will return.

Hey there,

In this case, you are affected by the previous distribution partner. We are working on getting things sorted out for everyone, hopefully soon.

I am sorry that you are still waiting for your refund. For V (2017), you will have to check this topic. If you haven’t already, please fill in the form (can be found within the topic)

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I filled out that form at least once. Currently the form is not working (I guess because of the domain change).
I was very patient but waiting for a refund almost 5 years is not acceptable.


How could I DM you, looks like you hide the button message ?

Hi there,

You can DM me by hovering over my profile picture, then go to message. Just FYI you have DM’d me already.

I’m in a similar position.
I ordered back in 2020. The order never came. I asked for a refund, months later still no refund. They said that if I reinstated my order I could have my monitors within a month. 4 months later, I’m still waiting for the monitors. I ordered two monitors, stands, and accessories, so it wasn’t a small order either.


I bought also a V 2017 in March 2018 and im waiting for the Refund since then.
I think the same, we had a big patience already. For me, it has been 4 years ago. Now is the time to receive my money back. Where is the Refund please?
Best Regards.

Wrote to the support 8 days ago and no reply. Looks like everything is the same. Really sad.

Hi, i’m in the same position since 2017 i’m still waiting for information about my case actually, do you know who i can contact has my support case seams to not reply anymore, thank you for your time

@benschi11 I’m sorry to hear your still having this problem as well.
@Walkop I’ve created multiple support requests for my 12/04/2017 order and have not gotten anywhere. At one point I had direct message conversations with Konstantinos, Helios, Lore_Wonder, nawthor, and the Team talking about the situation.
@Cas thank you for trying to help. That Helping customers affected by Fortress link only gets the initial reply email. I’ve tried it multiple times per support requests (from 2019 to 8 months ago).

Eve-Tech/EveDevices/Dough needs to come out with an official plan (not some forum thing through their moderators, no offence to the moderators but they have no power to actually make this happen) on how they are going to take care of the people that now have not received their EVE Vs, EVE V2s, and EVE/DOUGH Spectrums (that we have been sadly hearing about on the forums recently).