No Image Output

Hi community,

Very sad today. My monitor is not getting any image.

The monitor was working fine today. Normally it’s connect via DisplayPort to my laptop.
Then today I connected via USB-C to a Steam Deck, and it worked flawless and all was well.

After trying to connected back to DisplayPort to my laptop just black is being viewed. I can access the monitors menu, and switch the outputs. But no matter cycling, restarting, no image is shown. I tried again with the Steam Deck and no image and also tried to connect a Macbook Air M1 via USB-C and also doesn’t show an image, although the system recognizes my Spectrum. Bummer.

I’m on firmware 105.

Does anybody had this issue? Any advises?


Hi there,

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue. The fact that you can still access the OSD means that the Spectrum still detects video signal.

Although there is no image shown on the display, can you still see if there is any backlight?

Thanks for the info Cas,

I could solve by hard unplugging from the wall.
Previous I tried to restart via power button and cycling the inputs but both attempts didn’t work

The backlight was on but there was no image at all, just plain black. All OS would recognize the monitor although no picture and the USB hub was working. Also sometimes while browsing the monitor menu I would get this weird yellow menu glitch.

Glad that the forced monitor shutdown worked, but would be great if this issue could be fixed in a future firmware,

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Hi there,

Thank you for the clarification!

There are few instances a power cycle may be necessary to get things up and running again. It is true in your case it seems.

I am not sure if this is a firmware issue, but I will note down this occurrence nevertheless. Again, thank you for sharing!