No Image Output and third-party RMA

I have absolutely same problem but from out a box.

So, if it is not a software problem, do you will offer and ship RMA parts (decode board and e.t.c)?

Hi there,

RMA is processed thru our support team and process will vary on case to case basis.

However from what I know, we don’t ship out parts.

Repairs are done directly by our team, since we need to directly inspect the units in order for the claim to be valid.

This is mass problem. I and other want to know - it’s software problem and can be fixed by new firmware or it’s hardware problem?

If it’s software, it must be as is high level priority to fix.
If it’s hardware problem, you must offer RMA parts for himself repair if customer want. Because ship monitor to you and then back it will cost like a new monitor. Also you don’t ship directly to my country. Offer parts will be more cheaper for you and better for customer.

Need official information about this problem - software or hardware problem it is?

Hi there,

As I said above, all RMA is treated on a case-to-case basis and there needs to be proper diagnostics in place.

Giving out components will require end users to do the repairs themselves which do not make any sense. Remember that not everyone is technically adept at performing such repairs.

We cannot simply conclude that this is a “mass problem” without proper feedback in place. I am in no way trying to trivialize the issue you are facing but simply concluding that a problem is a mass problem does not and will not solve anything.

Now, please clarify a few things for me as I am very confused. You mentioned that you had a problem with waking up from sleep (your other post here). But you never mentioned anything about not getting a signal out of the box until now. Is this a new issue that you are experiencing?

Black Screen from wake up, Black Screen from cold boot, Black Screen when reconnect monitor to other source - are parts of one problem. Some one have only then wake up problem, some have all of this. I have all of this.

By LED indicator and backlit I know what monitor wake up and receive signal with no image. From cold boot also receive signal, but don’t give image. Backlit is working, but for image monitor must be unplugged from power and plugged again.

Also has same yellow menu glitch until unplug and plugin power cable.

Hey @dKenGuru

Just to add onto what @Cas stated about shipping parts etc. It does depend on the scenario and what parts etc. as we would have to be 100% certain that part would fix the issue, though it is completely unadvisable for monitors under warranty, as consumer repair would most likely void the warranty.

Regarding the black screen, can you fill out this bug questionnaire so we can further inform our firmware team about this issue?

This way we can further identify the cause of this issue and see about resolving this for you or implementing a fix in a future update.

  • MODEL NUMBER: Spectrum ES07D03
  • Scaler Firmware Version: 105, 107, 107 T117 Beta
  • USB Firmware Version: 06A4 / 0A.89.19.02
  • Device Type and OS version: PC Windows 11 22H2
  • CPU: Ryzen 9 5900X
  • GPU: Radeon RX 5500XT
  • Motherboard: MSI MPG B550-I
  • Video connection used for Spectrum: Display Port 1.4, Cables support this, lower resolution, refresh rate does not help.
  • Secondary video connection used for Spectrum: HDMI (2.0b), Compatibility mode in OSD, lower resolution, refresh rate does not help.

Issue details:

  • What does the issue look like (you can provide a picture or video here, if any): Black screen, backlit is working, LED indicator assign, what signal from source is it.
  • What triggers the issue (how to replicate it): Cold boot, power off/on via button, disconnect and connect video cable, wake up from sleep.
  • What is the percentage of this happening: i.e. 50% of the time/ 100% of the time? 100%
  • If it doesn’t happen all the time, what is the alternative outcome? i.e. monitor operates as normal? / other problem arises? Only then unplug and plug power cable back, monitor start give image.
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Thank you, will get this to the team and see of any resolutions they might have to resolving this for you.

There have been several reports of people having similar symptoms. But that’s only several reports - it’s far from everyone.

Also, just because there are several situations that cause the same thing to happen, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re all directly related. It’s unknown whether solving one of those problems will solve any of the others.

These issues are tricky to fix because they’re not happening to everyone, which means that they’re extremely difficult to reproduce. If you can’t reproduce them, there’s no easy way to diagnose the issue or to tell if it’s fixed.

Even if Dough was to swap out your Spectrum for a new one, there’s no guarantee that your combination of hardware (PC, graphics card and display cable) aren’t part of the root cause. Dough might get a “broken” Spectrum and be unable to reproduce the issue, and your replacement Spectrum might end up having the same problems.

That being said… I think that Dough should consider swapping these problematic Spectrums with replacements, and send the “broken” units back to Hong Kong / China for inspection. It’s possible that there are manufacturing issues (e.g. a bad solder joint somewhere) that are causing these problems, that the factory will want to fix in future batches.


Main problem ship it back to Dough for defect inspect - who will pay for it?
Shipping will cost money. A lot of money. Monitor can arrive broken without wooden create.
This is currently only one monitor and I need another for working. Who will ship another to me?
Eve/Dough does not ship to my country directly.

Less problematic and cost variant (for my situation) - find problem and if it is hardware problem, offer new parts for fix by himself.

Yes, this is being looked at and we are ensuring these issues are not existent in the production of ES07DC9, once that resumes

Depends on the scenario after being diagnosed by the team. If the Spectrum and issue is covered by warranty, then it will be covered. This will be determined by the team upon diagnosing the issue.

I see what you mean, though this can be difficult as we would need to be 100% certain the part shipped would fix the issue. Also, as I said above, consumer repair will most likely void the warranty.

Nevertheless, I have provided the information above to the firmware team to look into and will get back with you once I have more information.

For my situation, location, shipping cost for this monitor will cost ~$200. And I will stay without monitor and can’t work or do anything at PC.
Because Dough does not ship to my country directly (our countries has common border and strange why no shipping), shipping new unit to me will cost additional $150-200.

Shipping small PCB plate will be more and more cheaper. And the warranty does not play a role here.
Also I don’t buy monitor directly from Eve/Dough. So warranty here it is a company position question.

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I see your situation, lets first see if this issue can be resolved first etc. if further steps are needed the support team will look into finding the best solution for you, shall it come to that.

Hi there,

If you purchased the monitor through a third-party site/marketplace, there is not much we can do in terms of support. As you said:

Which is correct. Any claims or further support will not go through us but through the website/marketplace you purchased the monitor from.

You are more than welcome to discuss and troubleshoot here since you have the product. But we do not and will not provide warranty/claims/reimbursements for any products that were purchased outside of our official channel (which is at the moment, only through the Dough website). We might have retail partners in the future, but that is not the case yet.

Btw it is your product. Does not matter where it was purchased. Especially if it was from your partner in China.
So offer rma parts (may be with paid shipping cost) it will be plus to your reputation and client service.

Because design mistake or manufacturing failure does not depent who sell this monitor.

Hi there,

It is true, it is our product. This is why you are more than welcome to come and discuss here!

However, the reason why we don’t honor warranties bought from unofficial channels is that we don’t know how the products were handled by those sellers. This is a very common term for tech products.

Your case may be firmware only (which we still provide support with firmware updates, regardless of how you obtain the product), or hardware (which we do not). If the units were faulty due to hardware issues, it is not our responsibility anymore since we do not have control over how the units were handled by those unofficial resellers.

Adding that into the equation makes it even more difficult to determine if any updates will fix anything at all. But as I said, firmware support is something that we offer regardless and it’s not something that many other monitor manufacturers can provide.

For more details, please read the terms and conditions carefully.

We cannot do proper diagnostics with your unit because it is obtained through unofficial means. Without diagnostics, we cannot offer RMA. Therefore your only way to get further support is to contact the original seller you obtained the unit from.