Nintendo switch on spectrum

Was planning on giving my switch a go with spectrum, can I use just a USB c cable to power the switch and will it be able to use display over usb c as a video mode?

It should work.

Make sure you plug into the USB-C port on the bottom of the Spectrum, next to the power connector. There’s another USB-C port on the left side, but that’s only for connecting peripherals (e.g. mouse, keyboard, controller) and won’t carry a video signal.

You’ll also need to be a bit careful about the USB-C cable. There’s several different types of cable out there, and not all of them have the wiring necessary to carry a video signal. It’s not always possible to tell what type of cable you have just by looking at it.

If you decide that it’s worth buying a cable for this, look for one that’s marked as USB4. It’ll cost a bit more, but it’s almost guaranteed that it’ll work correctly.

So just tried it and no luck, the console does show its charging so its definatly connected, just no display on screen. using this cable.

I hope its the correct type?

It looks like that particular cable is for charging devices only, as it can only do 0.48 gigabits per second.


It also says in the description it doesn’t support media display. It’s confusing how many different kinds of USB C cables there are and what they can do.


Thunderbolt 3 cables support 40 Gbps of data and up to 100w of power, so they are the kind to look for in a one-cable solution. To connect my MacBook and my Eve V to my Spectrum I use this cable:

Screenshot_20220215-130806_Amazon Shopping

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thanks techmo will order a thunderbolt variant and will update post if it works :slight_smile:


I tried connecting the Switch to the Spectrum using just the USB C cable and couldn’t get it to display anything. I did some research, and apparently Nintendo doesn’t use Displayport Alt mode for video, they use their own proprietary method so that it will only connect to a TV or monitor If it detects the dock. So to get it to work, it must be used with the dock via HDMI, unfortunately.


thats annoying, the whole idea of me wanting to try this was because of a reddit post saying you can,


I think you can but only on certain monitors, like you have to trick it into thinking it’s docked. I also tried connecting it to my Apple USB C to HDMI adapter, but still got nothing. Here’s a couple articles I found that can explain it:


Thanks for the info. It seems that this might be the answer to why others also cannot get a single cable solution for connecting their Switches to Spectrum.


Yeah it appears that only some portable USB C monitors with a built-in dock such as the Pixio PX-160 will be able to do both power and video in one cable with the Nintendo Switch. Most other monitors, like Spectrum, won’t work. But then you can still put the Switch in the dock and connect to Spectrum with HDMI.

Here’s a video of one of the monitors that works with the Switch using a single USB C cable:


It looks like the switch is using Mobility DisplayPort (also called MyDP or Slimport) for the video signal. It was originally developed to allow DisplayPort to be sent over USB 2.0 connections.

This is quite different to regular DisplayPort alt mode, which is why the Spectrum doesn’t support it.

It’s relatively easy to find various adapters to convert to a HDMI signal, but I haven’t spotted any yet that allow charging at the same time.