Nintendo Switch on Matte 4k Monitor

Hey guys! i figured i would open up a thread as I, like many of you, are playing tears of the kingdom!

I wanted to play on my 4K spectrum, but i noticed that the image seems somewhat blurry? PS5 i have no issues, same with my laptop that is connected to it.

Does anyone else notice a similar image with their switch when connected to their dough spectrum?

Sounds to me like it’s not running at native resolution if it’s blurry. Not sure if there’s a setting on the switch so you can try out different resolutions to see if you can get it to recognize the 4k

I know the highest output is 1080p. I did just purchase an upscaler that should improve the output to 4k. MAYBE that will help not 100% sure though.

On my TV it looks perfect. Would like it to look similar on my spectrum

You don’t need it, eve spectrum 4k has built in Integer scaling that scales 1080p perfectly to 4k so that it looks crispy. It should be a setting built into the monitor’s OSD menu.

The switch is probably putting out 1080p pixels but the game is rendering at a lower resolution, around 1600 x 900 (900p) or less. Depending on whether the game is outputting that resolution directly or scaling it up itself could lead to the blurring you are seeing.

Edit Looks like they are using AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution to upscale from 900p to 1080p. That is likely the cause. Dose it look better on other monitors or TV’s you have?

Yea it looks better on my samsung TV. Not sure if it is because I have the image set to “Dynamic”

oh interesting! Do you know what setting that is in the menu?

It’s in the manual online for the 4k spectrum

Page 37 under the picture menu you set it to integer scaling.