New year's resolution regarding tech

I figured it would be nice to know what kind of plans, anticipations and desires you people have for your personal tech purchases, tech creation or other tech-related activities. For this year. 2016 has started nicely and I have high hopes for it!

My resolution is to be a humble, energetic cog in the wheel, as Eve revolutionizes tech creation.

And OK, I will finally buy a small e-reader. I like to read.

@Konstantinos What you got in mind?

Don’t leave me hanging:

@riku, this year my main tech goal is to develop with all of you guys a laptop replacement device that I could finally use. I personally am tired of my current laptop, its heavy, its huge and not so good looking:slightly_smiling: . I have to travel a lot and I really would like to have a device that would allow me to do all of my work on the go. So one of my priorities this year is to develop and then purchase our next product :smiley:

I am also considering purchase of a desktop PC that I would be able to use for office work (i am just tired of 17 inch laptop screen :smiley: )

I can’t wait to see how 2016 will evolve!

Have you bought an e-reader yet? If you don’t care much about DRM content, I highly recommend PocketBook :smiley: