New V - weird color?

I received my replacement V a few days ago and thought I’d share this “problem” and its solution so people aren’t surprised and don’t have to write mails to support.

In some cases arriving V’s might have a weird bright grey color at the top and around the back camera lens. Looks like this:


This coloration is because the V’s being delivered have been produced a long time ago and just weren’t shipped out because Emdoor was holding them until they received more money from Eve. I’m guessing the plastic dries out simply sitting in a box and turns this bright color over the year it was approximately lying around. Don’t worry, your V won’t turn this color in normal use.

The solution is to put a bit of oil on a paper towel rub the plastic parts with it. It will look just fine.



The white side looks not bad actually :laughing:


Mine arrived with a greyish color as well (not as bad as the pictures, but still noticeable).
What kind of oil did you use to fix it?

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I used a tiny bit of olive oil. Thought it might smell a bit better than other cooking oil. But really any will do I think.


Thank you, I’ll give it a try :slightly_smiling_face: