New to Eve... I have many questions!

I came across the Eve V the other day through Youtube (Linus Tech Tips, I believe) and am very interested. This seems like a really great community. I was wondering if people here would be kind enough to answer a few questions about the Eve V… mostly quite nit-picky things, but they I find that these small details add up.

Is the tablet passively cooled? And if not, how loud are the fans under load?

Does it get hot, particularly under the keyboard? I hate it when my MacBook Pro heats up on my lap as it makes my legs itchy!

Can I charge the Eve V with my USB-C phone charger?

Can I connect the Eve V to my TV/AV Receiver? Does it come with an HDMI output or adapter?

How good is the trackpad relative to a MacBook Pro (I have a 2015 model)? I know this is subjective… I like the trackpad on the MacBook Pro but I find it almost intolerable when using Windows through Bootcamp. I don’t know if that’s a Windows thing in general, or just an Apple driver thing.

What is the “resolution” (i’m not sure if that’s the right term) on the pen? Is it fine enough to mark up sheet music for example?

Does the M3 processor perform OK with Google Chrome, or is it better to use Edge?

I would mainly use the Eve V for browser based activity (Youtube, Google Docs and Inbox mainly), but I would also do a bit of work in Affinity Designer and Unity (I mainly use a beefy desktop machine so it would be occasional use). How would the the M3 processor and GPU cope?

What is the headphone output like? Any background noise or humming?

Do the volume, brightness, play/pause keys work without needing to hold down a modifier key? It’s a minor thing, but I like the way it works on a Mac.


It’s passively cooled.

It doesn’t get hot under the keyboard since all the components are in the tablet part.

You can only charge it with USB PD compliant chargers, so probably no, but you can charge your phone with the V’s charger.

You can connect it, but you need a USB C to HDMI adapter, it doesn’t come in the box.

With pen resolution do you mean pressure levels? that would be 1024.

m3 is fine for chrome.

The GPU in the V is very weak, I don’t know those programs though. You can connect an EGPU to boost that performance.

The headphone output is fine, I don’t have any noise or humming.

The keys work without the fn key, you can toggle it to only work with fn though.


I don’t have a V so I can’t really answer all your questions (also number them for making it easier to reply).

V is passivly cooled, so no fans. No clue about the keyboard, but since it’s detachable I’d say the heat is mostly in the V itself so you’ll be fine there.

Depends on your phone charger (the amount of Amps it can give). The cable, i’m not so sure. USB-C cables did have a bad reputation in the early-early days.

No HDMI or adapter included (to my knowledge). See for the full specs.

Trackpad is meh according to the reviews I’ve seen (again, not tested myself). The trackpad drivers in windows (bootcamp) are bad, and those are the reason you hate them. I to prefer macbook trackpad over any and all other trackpads. Dislike macOS mouse driver though, but that is a different story.

For the pen “Windows Ink Certified N-trig with 1024 pressure levels, 2 buttons, Surface Pro(2017) pen support.” Again, see the specsheet.

M3 and Chrome would be OK, chrome is mostly a RAM hog. Edge might be better for battery life.

Headphone output is being discussed regularly here, so I suggest using the search function.

I thought I’ve seen some people post about FN-lock so… Yes.

Damn, @ToiletSheep beat me to it… Well to far into writing to delete it


For the trackpad experience, v cannot beat Apple.

V trackpad is ok to use. Top side cannot be clicked. The pad is quite small so u have to raise the sensitivity to reach corner to corner without pressing 2 times.

I played fm2017 in V and it gets really hot ( top back side of the tablet) in 10min (no record temperature, just my feeling). But the heat is unpleasant to be held.

No function is needed to use the volume / brightness adjustments

Welcome to the community!!
Kindly try using the search function first, would be easier and faster.
I believe @ToiletSheep and @TristanSchaaf have answered your queries.


Always good to follow the community guidance and search the topics before posting questions. Most have been answered previously:wink:

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Regarding Affinity Designer & Unity it completely depends on how hard you hit it and with what - if you e.g. develop a simple sidescroller in Unity then it will work fine, but something like a Witcher 3 in Unity would not play nicely (especially since Unity eats RAM quite a bit if I recall correctly and that would eat up the 8GB in the m3 pretty quick)

Nope, none noticeable! :slight_smile: We had that issue in the prototypes and it has since been fixed! :smiley:

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In terms of Affinity Designer, my M3 has handled it pretty smoothly so far. I will admit, however, that I’ve not loaded up any particularly large or complex projects as of yet (I use Designer mostly for UI/UX mockups). If you have anything specific you would like checked I could probably give it a go.

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