New Surface Lineup

Everything looks absolutely awesome and I want all of it

Hope next Eve V is along these lines only, But with the great pricing and accessories included.
I believe if we just upgrade Eve V with intel tenth gen processors and little tweaks and general improvements. And keeps the same pricing it will be worth buying.


The Surface Pro’s/Laptop probably… just add 10th gen/better pricing.

And fast enough… since Huawei is probably already cooking a MateBook X Pro 15" (Intel 10nm, MX250+ and TB3) and other OEMs making their SP X clone (Windows ARM).

And then there’s Intel Project Athena devices and Ryzen 7nm mobile “Renoir” APUs next year 2020…

The neo/duos… probably not, it’s an engineering feat on the hinges alone… and then there’s software compability. They’re technically delivering propietary UIs with Windows Core X and partnering with Google’s Android…

So yeah… and we’re still on Monitor/Headphone project… good luck Eve.


I think it is not a bad thing if Eve just focuses on accessories like it is now. I am glad Microsoft is focusing on their devices now. It’s like they woke up.

Additionally, the devices are not perfect. Eve could make variants that have better battery life and more ports, for less.