New screen blanking over displayport

Ive posted in another forum aswell to try and get more views, but has anyone else gotten screen blanking over DP on 7900 xtx GPUs? The problem doesn’t happen on my FI32U. Only the Eve. On my 3090 its only once in a blue moon ill get some blanking, but on the AMD card (its DP 2.1) i get it every 5-10 seconds at 144 hz. The only thing that fixes it is if i turn off DSC and use 1.4 without DSC. But that forces chroma subsampling to work and the FPS is a solid 144 with no issues. Clearly its probably instability but its hard to understand why it works on one card but not on this one. Are there any issues known to AMD gpus on these monitors?

Things ive tried:
Updated monitor FW.
Updated All drivers.
Reseated card.
Tried 2 cables (with a third on the way).

Yes i have the exact same issue. I eneded up replacing my DisplayPort cable with an HDMI 2.1 cable, and have had 0 issues since (apart from the occasional screen blanking). Issue wasn’t present on my 6900XT. Replaced the cable with the official EVE cable and the issue was the same.

The Time I thought my 7900XTX was broken - I thought my issue may be related to this.

Unfortunately i cannot use HDMI because there is also instability there that causes motion artifacts (makes it unusable). Displayport instantly blacks out on 7900 xtx many times a minute and i cannot use it. My 3090 does the blanking far less over time. I have a feeling its the monitor because my FI32U doesnt seem to do it at all and it feels rock solid on it. Prob wont be able to RMA this which sucks because i love the glossy coating. Im probably stuck with it and everybody else who EVE shafted.