New Nokia 8 Flagship

The new Nokia (really HMD Global licensing Nokia name) just released there first flagship phone, the Nokia 8. What do you think about it?

Personally I think it’s great to see Nokia making solid devices again. And I love the fact that they’re going with pure Vanilla Android instead of throwing there own crap over it like certain manufactures (cough cough…‘basically all of them’). Phones pretty expensive, but at least your getting really solid specs and a fairly nice design. Don’t know if it’s waterproof though…


Noteworthy: there’s a lot of ex-Nokia working at HMD (so you could say it’s more Nokia than anything else) and the phone is actually manufactured by Foxconn.

Just looking at the photos, the first thing I thought was: Oh wow, what a nice device, with Android, and its not even that expensive. Just a shame that it still gives a fair bit of space to physical buttons. Personally, since I’ve been using the S8, everything else seems really clunky now, and I would have preferred a device that is even more futureproof in terms of design. Then again, great to see Nokia back in the game!

Apart from vanilla android and decent self camera, nothing jumps out at me that would make me want this phone


I was in the press event yesterday at London. I can totally agree that the device looks fantastic and beuautiful.

The feeling in hand is also very well thought with the rounded edges. I have to use this phone for few weeks and after that I can give my opinions but for now it looks really good and competitive


Desing is from Finland, so it must be high-quality phone. Same thing with V. :grinning:


I personally think it is a strong device… but nothing really “big”. I loved the concepts of a Nokia 8 / 9 which looked like an evolved Lumia 930… that would have been so f*** awesome! :smiley: but let’s see what the reviews will tell :slight_smile: I’m curious of the camera performance :slight_smile:

Does it slip out of hand like the iPhone 6?

It has no FM radio, right? And not sure about dual-SIM either. At least the last a must for me, the first would be really nice too… For when I upgrade my phone… in about 2-3 years :smiley:

Didn’t look good to me. I’m interested in beautiful designs and unique specs and really cost efficient devices.
Also, it is only ip65 / splash proof I believe.

Samsung note 8 will be great for sure. I hope iPhone 8 sucks cause I’m bitter that mine gets terrible battery life and that they are redesigning it the year after I got it. OnePlus hasn’t made a compelling phone to me in a while. Most excited for pixel XL2

I think it’s either double SIM or one SIM + micro SD.
At least the Nokia 6 it’s that way.

If it still has Glance screen I would definitely consider it. The camera sounds BA and it looks oh so sexy. Might convince me that it’s time to retire my Lumia 950XL.

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No FM radio atleast on this press sample.

Dual SIM depends on the market. Nokia told me that atleast in the Nordics there will be only dual SIM version on the market. My UK unit is single SIM.

So it’s dual SIM (you can use one SIM plus SD card) or single SIM and sdcard

It’s huge… So zero interest from me… I’m done buying smartphones that I can’t grip properly and that end up on the floor. I’m done paying another $50 for a super thick case to protect them when that happens, but also make them even harder to grip.


Wonderful device - if I could just dump Google. Can’t trust that company with anything!

Seems like the people who formed HMD Global really know their hardware quality from the old Nokia’s, and how to make an all around, really good looking phone. It also probably helps with Foxconn doing the manufacturing, after they’ve had years of experience building iPhones.

If i nitpick more, the phone is just a little too small. Needs a 6-inch screen, but maybe that’s being saved for a future release. Also could use a better flash, and more megapixels in the camera, while dumping this whole “dual lens” thing.
But that’s me being extra picky.

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Does it have glance screen and double tap to wake up? This would be great and something I would miss when I have to leave Windows Mobile…

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It has both. Although the glance screen can just show messages, missed calls and calendar stuff at the moment

Oh great. This changes my opinion regarding the boring design…

There will be a Nokia 9 with a 21 MP Camera and also Zeiss Lenses. So that one might be able to make me change to Android once more. For me the Camera has to be at least equal to the one of my Lumia 950 to change to Android again.


13 mega pixels is about two and a half V screens worth of pixels. That seems plenty for my liking. Quality of the sensor is more important to me.