New, nice me. Please, don't give up on me

Hey guys. I would like to sorry for those who feel uncool with my previous posts. I’d like to apologise all support and promise to be fair, calm and do not break the rules.

To my justification, I must say that I was and I am tired of the whole thing and when I heard that the speakers were ok and V was sent to me wrongly, the blood flooded me and I got angry. In fact, I spilled this anger on the forum, which was a mistake. Sorry again.

Unfortunately, the dear Team, it doesn’t mean that I will stop writing. I really liked my second V, I made it myself. We had a great time. Recently (after the last buzz), I decided to sell my V and buy something else, as the money back was and is impossible. I looked around the market. The MacBook Pro 13 does not convince me any more, Surface Pro would be a angry choice. I can not afford Surface Book 2. I thought about it and I know now that V will be the best of me. Unfortunately, I will not give you with technical problems and I will continue to be your worst customer. I will point out mistakes you made. But I’m not doing it for spite, definitely not. I do it so that you will develop, so that you can correct production errors and sell really great devices. If I read this post to the end and you are not moderator, thank you.

Once again, I apologize for my behavior.


Your courage is really appreciated :hugs:

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