New Member w/Question about music production software / MIDI keyboards

So I heard of this Product from YouTube. I thought it was a genius idea and product that is crowd developed. I trying to decided is it a product for me. I am into production…is this device is able to handle music production software program like Logic Pro X and MIDI keyboards such as the Novation MIDI keyboards.

Though Apple Logic Pro X will not run on Windows (it’s only built for Apple’s own macOS), most third-party music production software will work on either macOS or Windows. I can’t tell you which Windows-compatible program is most like Logic Pro, but I’m sure someone in our community has an idea about that!

The V should accept any MIDI keyboard connected through USB (or through a DIN-USB adapter). The software you use will then determine what you can do with it.


Have there been any good hackintosh Vs? That could run Logic Pro well with USB devices well?

@Jacquail_Montgomery the V performance should be fine for most music production, but if you’re doing really serious stuff you should look into something more powerful (a desktop really).

There was once a Hackintosh guy here but he left before the long waiting i think, probably switched spots with someone and got a surface.

@henning He should know about hackintosh very well…

plus even if hackintosh doesn’t take, running virtualbox or some VM may be possible if your s/w is specific to a non windows OS

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The problem with audio production software is the way it needs to interact with peripherals, running a VM can make this complicated.

MacOS in VMWare isn’t amazing, but it does work.

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Thanks for the feedback and the quick responses. You guys have been a great help.

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Here I’m how can I help you? @Jamil_Stafford @dibadibadu

Some mention you as a hackintosh not sure what that means lol don’t know all the lingo. But I seen most logic pro music production programs running onnPC. I didn’t know that it was specifically for Mac …Is there a way around this? Can the V run the program smoothly?

Any laptop would most likely be my last choice for music or video production for many reasons. I do this for a living.


Well some see is just for the production on the go… With Mac and it’s power alone some can achieve great quality content… However I know what you mean… I would love to see The V with versatility with music production. I definitely could use it for school no doubt.

We want to know how good hackintosh V is! Is it something worth pursuing for real use or just a fun toy at this point?

“Hackintosh” - turning a non-Macintosh into a Macintosh. Apple doesn’t allow anybody to install MacOS on non-apple machines, so some people have figured out how to install and use MacOS on other devices. This is especially useful for custom desktops where you want a large amount of power and upgradability now that Apple quit selling the old Mac Pros.

A laptop, especially a small, light device like the V can be especially useful for quick and lightweight production.

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Define lightweight production. Home movie? Slide show? Sure. 30 second commercial? No way.

I was thinking more in terms of audio here, but the idea applies to video too.

Nothing professionally done, say I’m a guitar player and I like to record myself practicing. Run a line from the guitar or amp to the laptop (however you want to do it) and record it there. Then you can cut out blank time, parts that don’t matter much, and have a recording of everything you want to hear. Then if you want you can play with some effect to get an idea of what they sound like. Maybe you want to overlay some sections because you’re writing a song and want to know how the two guitar parts sound together. Something that you can also do on a smart phone.

Perhaps “production” was the wrong word, maybe just quick non-pro recording/editing.

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