New Keyboard for the Eve

Is anyone interested in a new Keyboard design for the EVE
I have been using the Eve for sometime now and compared to what I was used to with the surface
I find the Keyboard lacking. Bulkey, mouse pad response.
regular disconnects. I hardly use the bluetooth option.
Maybe I am the only one with this opinion but good to check


In wired mode or bluetooth mode? If its in wired mode, its a common issue. Contact support to get a replacement.

If its BT mode, well, its an inherent limitation of BT itself. My iPad keyboard also does the exact same thing.


always in connected mode as I do not use the BT mode

The keyboard should be more solid too: the mousepad often doesn’t click anymore when on an uneven surface because it bends.

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I had a surface for a while with a thinner Keyboard not stiffer then the Eve, but had no problem with the responsiveness of the mousepad.

I think a good keyboard for these type of devices will always have some tradeoffs, picking the right balance is the trick.

But a good mouse pad is high on the list

I haven’t had any of the problems you’ve mentioned.
My only (minor) complaints about the keyboard are that I would want a Control key on the bottom right side, and it would be nice for the keys to be of a better quality plastic.
As for the Control (Ctrl) key, I wish we could make the “right mouse button” menu key into a Control key and then change the right mouse button functionality into an option of the Fn key (I
(i.e. Fn + right Ctrl)