New issue with secure boot windows 11 and Valorant

Windows 11
X470 gigabyte ultra gaming mother board
Ryzen 5 5600X
GTX 1080
32gb RAM

Tried to play Valorant today and needed to put my Motherboard in Secure Boot.
Spectrum Monitor - no display signal is shown when booting. I also get no post. I get 1 long beep followed by 3 short. Which indicated display issue. I then unplugged the spectrum display and plugged in my older hp 1080p monitor. The issue was resolved noticed my display posted and booted up. I do not know if this is a known issue. I have checked and made sure all my drivers are up to date and I am also running firmware V107. Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated. I just want my Spectrum to post and act like all other monitors