New idea for next-step that merges MiniPC & DonaldDock

Hello mates. So I recently watched a video from Dave Lee:

about modular system of new iMac Pro. Also please read about HP Elite Slice.

These are modular, mini PCs that as a idea is great for our purpose. Eve should built a mini PC as a base for this modular tower. Not as powerful as iMac. It should has standard i7 with 2-4gb mobile GPU card (as in surface book) with basic ports. Normal mini-pc. As a module there should be:

  • more ports module, slim one
  • battery pack - not for traveling but as a power backup
  • great audio DAC module
  • external HDD or SSD or maybe HDD with cloud
  • 360 speaker
  • egpu card module
  • maybe QI charger on top for phone :wink:
  • I believe community will give you some ideas :wink:

If you want to travel you can take only mini-pc from this tower and you ready to go. Also you should consider to make a connection for old and new V to be as a base module. If you need V, you buy one, wait one year ( :blush: ) and you can connect it to this tower without mini-pc. Great system, great family of devices. There should be a stand for V on the top of this tower that will plug into TB3.

That is quite good idea for most of your new concepts. @Konstantinos please comment this.

EDIT for clean massage: All of modules can be sale and work separately but also they can create beautiful module tower for PROs. If your dream is DonaldDock believe me, i don’t want to destroy DD idea. My concept is to create common device environment. Main product should be mini-pc. It will define how big should be this module tower. If mini-pc will still be mini, mini will be also DonaldDock. All of modules will have same width and lenght. The height of the module will depend on the needs of the given module and its subassemblies. I believe that the base mini-pc will be higher than the DAC module. That’s how it should look.

That is my concept art :slight_smile: for my Veve%20concept


Instantly reminded me of this.

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I already have an pc and a laptop etc. I want a dock.

Not saying this isn’t a good idea, but rather I’ll have both the dock and the mini pc and the combination

(I haven’t read the entire post to be fair, so if you suggest that I’m OK with it)

module with additional ports would be your dock. Every module can be used separately and they will look great. Advantage of this idea is that you can connect every module together also. This is not new idea, this is only an idea to create a family of devices solution.

Mate, my post is not so long! Read all stuff please.

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This is quite an interesting point. Do you happen to live in the neighborhood where power outage isnt uncommon?

Because I could see the value in this kind of product, but I don’t think everybody would be interested in that.

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Patrick, I didn’t write this as a: “build this stuff, no questions ask”! I had an idea and I shared it with you. I believe that this kind of “tower of modules” is better for future projects. You need only dock, buy one. Elegant box that will do what you need. Need better audio, buy one, connect to ports module and you have your own module tower.

I would like to have (dream of) on my desk (from top):

  • second gen of V
  • dock with ports module
  • egpu module
  • sound card with DAC module

I see all of them in black matt as V is. Same design. Yeeeessss. If I could do a photo from my brain it would definitely goes to fap folder…

Also I believe that there should be two kinds of eGPU, small one for graphics designer with mobile GPU as in Surface Book and powerful one for gamers etc.


Aha, gotcha…

Probably even better if they could be mounted (evenly) behind the Eve monitor, to give it an AiO feel. Or perhaps a VESA arm on top so the monitor could be mounted on the PC like the Surface-Studio

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Maybe this is good idea. But modules should work and look good without monitor. My concept is in first post (sketch)

can’t you just print a special bracket for the V and mount it to the back a dual vesa monitor arm?

I really like this too. I live in a place where power outages are common and this would be a big selling point for me. I hate the clutter of having a UPS on/under my desk.

We could have a Kaby Lake G CPU with a Vega GPU in the mini-PCs part, which should be fine for those who need mobile cards, and have a larger eGPU enclosure which will give people the freedom to add any GPU of their choice, but I don’t think it’ll fit with the other modules since this will be larger.

I like the ‘staple dock’ idea, very flexible. If possible make the ‘on the mini pc’ elements usable for 2 in 1 / laptop too.
As such people who are not interested in a mini pc will be interested to add a dock (or two) to their existing V / laptops in order to beef them up for a lower price than buying a new laptop.


I know, but I was in the waiting room of the dentist when I started writing my post. I intended to add information later. Writing & reading isn’t great on mobile, and being called up didn’t help either :stuck_out_tongue:

While I do like the idea, the possibility of it is another thing. Right now Eve doesn’t have the manpower to engineer custom solutions like this. Technically they are extremely tricky to do, and to my knowledge there is no ‘open-source/standardized’ way to do it. If there is a already usable solution I (and many besides me) would love to hear it.
I really like the idea, I’m not so sure that Eve is the correct company to make it an reality (at this point in time).

The other issue is, where do you put the line.Is the CPU a module? Does it contain a DAC? if so, should we add an DAC module? Does the CPU module contain RAM? Should every module be standalone and compatible with other devices (like the eGPU module)? I’m not bashing the project, I’m actually curious about answers on those questions.


like this? :stuck_out_tongue: 53 It’s an Ikea Vivalla with some holes in it to accomodate the VESA mount.

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Amateur :blush: :smile:

Here is my setup IMG_20180216_122321 IMG_20180419_103851 IMG_20180329_120930


people! we have a genius right here.

If something like this were to be developed and sold by Eve, it would be great if it were able to not only dock with the Eve and mini pc, but was able to utilize both the Eve and mini pc’s CPU’s together to boost performance. Dual cpu motherboards have been done before, and even older CPU’s have been able to compete with newer models due to the fact there’s two of them. If the V and the mini pc were able to use say, dual i5s (which isn’t crazy given the Eve has up to an i7 already (and also are in some nuc variants). Imagine the draw of a computer you can take on the go, and then say some serious hardware is required for 4k video editing. Just dock the V and then within seconds you have a super powered computer at your finger tips. Unless there’s something I haven’t heard of, there’s nothing in the market that can boost a portable notebook to a powerful machine when the need requires it, except for expensive external gpu’s, which don’t help much for CPU intensive tasks.

The implementation of this would be quite challenging, especially the software development required to achieve this, but given the thunderbolt 3 port on the Eve (and almost certainly the mini pc) there’s probably enough bandwidth for it to be possible. As I said before, eGPU’s already exist, and they work well to boost the performance of laptops. An external CPU isn’t that different in theory.


One significant problem I see with a stacked system like this is thermals, which is already a problem for mini pcs. While I am all for modularity, and suggested it in a similar idea on the other thread, I think it would be unwise to vertically stack modules unless the highest power module with the greatest thermal output went on top with plenty of ventilation. I would suggest a CPU module with an I-GPU + ram and storage, and a GPU module go side by side with meaty triple slot thick heatsinks with inlaid fans on them for maximum cooling without too much space taken up.


I would love a module PC. However, another problem that other stacked PC has is the cost of the individual self-contained modules. They tend to be expensive due to their complexity. Also, the lack of people buying enough of the modules drives up the price. So, I worry that it would be too costly.

Edit –
Need to stop trying to type on my phone. I suck at it.


Well I use it for my macbook, so your solution probably won’t fit my needs.

But damn that looks sexy.

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