New HP Spectre X2

Interesting stuff here.

Plus points: passive cooling, core i7 (I assume i7-Y, given the cooling). Iris Plus graphics. Looks sharp.

Downsides: No Thunderbolt. Not a V. :smile:

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But they did pay gobs of money for PCWorld to write the article :wink:

Price? I think that’s the main drawback for anything that comes from HP :smile:

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If it has Intel Iris Graphics, it’s not an Y-class CPU, as they all have Intel HD Graphics. U-class, probably, so I wonder what effect the passive cooling will have on that…


Also just 2 USB-C ports and no USB A like V, and it “only” has a 41Wh battery. Looks like the pricing is decent though. Interesting to see whether or not the U class CPU can be cooled properly without a fan.

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A melty effect, I suspect :laughing:

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I for one think it at least looks beautiful as a device, whether it beats the V or not. Spoiler Alert: IT DOES NOT, OF COURSE

1599 euro starting price but you get a i7 and 320gb ssd with a good 41wh battery.
not bad pricing for the hardware you get.
V will get you 512gb, 8gb more ram and fingerprint reader and a 49wh battery for about the same price or maybe a bit less.

V wims, but competition is close. And Eve still has to release this tablet, i feel it will still take a while.

By the way does the eve has iris graphics?

No. But it supports Thunderbolt 3, which allows you to hook up a GTX1080 if you want.

The V has Intel HD Graphics 615

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I quote the article:

What really makes the updated Spectre x2 a Surface Pro 4 killer is the price. HP says a Spectre x2 with Core i5 (and Iris Plus graphics, we believe), 8GB of LPDDR3 RAM, and 128GB SSD will be $999 when it goes on sale in June.

The fun thing is, in dutch articles announcing the new Spectre X2, they say it will be on sale starting from 1599 euro.

Oh nice, so than they will start at 1699€ in Belgium, thank you 21% taxes. At least, there is the Eve V which is better and cheaper!

Unfortunately not passively cooled Kaby Lake U-series processors:

Likely processor candidates:
Core i5-7260U with Iris Plus Graphics 640
Core i7-7560U with Iris Plus Graphics 640

Side note: Surface Pro uses actively cooled i7-7660U, because the integrated Iris Plus Graphics makes it difficult to have passive cooling (not impossible, but…) unlike the passively cooled m3 and i5 Surface Pro’s with HD Graphics.


The Spectre X2 looks okay. For that price, I’d need Thunderbolt. Actually, the HP Elite x2 1012 G2 that is coming out with Thunderbolt 3 that supports 4 PCIe lanes is the tablet to watch. The original Elite was fanless and maintained good turbo for being fanless. HP is gonna use the same design/parts and add a fan. It might be the only HP device that can actually utilize full turbo.