New here, got a few questions

Hi! I just found out about this project through Linus Tech Tips. I’ve been looking to buy a digital tablet for illustration and drawing with Photoshop and Manga Studio. I wanted to get the Surface Pro but its sooo expensive for what you get and Microsoft keeps breaking it up and selling each part separately. So when I found out about this I got pretty interested, though I have a few questions:

  • What is this product being designed for? I get that its community created, but is it designed for creative purposes, business purposes, or just everyday use?

  • How effective will this product be for illustration and drawing? Will lag be a major issue when using programs like Photoshop? What is the battery life like when using RAM and CPU intensive programs?

  • How similar is this product to the Surface? Visually it looks very similar; Is Microsoft gonna sue for copyright infringement?

  • Where will this product be sold? Will it be available in stores, or online international shipping only? Whats the word on pricing?

  • What kind of hardware support will there be? I can see there’s a huge community for software support, but if my tablet is broken coming out of the box can I get it repaired? Is there a warranty?

I’m pretty excited about this, it looks like its gonna be awesome! Thanks in advance for the help.


Hi there and welcome to to community,

I will answer the other questions a bit later…

No Microsoft won’t sue, they actually​ helped pay for the production of the Eve V and the are helping with testing

The Eve V will be sold online by EVE

Yes, there is a warranty

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EDIT: One of the fantastic community managers​ was faster at following up


Hi @skilodracus, and welcome to!

Looks like Linus is providing us with much new exposure. I myself first found out about Eve and the V from a mention in the Linus Tech Tips forums. Now, for your questions:

The product was designed to fit a great many use cases, and one of them is digital content creation.

Benchmarks have been run on our prototypes that may give an indication of how the device performs, but I don’t think any of our prototype testers has gone full-out on Photoshop yet. Since it’s one of the main uses my V will see, I’ll be sure to share my experiences with the i7 model once I get my hands on it.

The product is very similar to the Surface in many ways: it’s a tablet-first 2-in-1 device with a detachable keyboard cover. There are also many differences, such as the availability of ports, the ability to use the keyboard in wireless mode and that all Vs are completely fanless. Microsoft has worked closely with the Eve team to make sure Windows 10 runs on it as smoothly as possible, and that features like Windows Hello work as well as they can. We won’t be sued by Microsoft. In fact, we expect Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to buy one of our devices :slight_smile:

The V will be sold through the Eve Technology web shop. The shop is currently unavailable, as we will first be shipping the pre-ordered Vs from the IndieGoGo campaign. Around the time the second batch of those ships, the shop will open. You can sign up on to get a notification when the V goes on sale! Pricing starts at € 799, and prices for the higher-spec models will be made public at a later date.

Hardware support will be provided by Eve, the exact details will be available before you place your order. Warranty will be at least a year, worldwide. Again – details will follow.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask! If you want to keep up to date on what’s going on with Eve, V development or the community, you’re welcome to browse the forums. At the top of each page you’ll find a banner topic with a link to Community Digest. If you want to stay in the loop without reading the entire forum, this is where you’ll find all the important updates for the week!


Swiftly godspeed replies, … right there. How fascinating. Nice!


If you already determined that the Surface Pro will be suitable for your use, then the Eve V also will.

It fits all typical productivity use-cases for a 2-1 of its category. Among the testers and buyers, if I recall correctly, there are some that also want to use it for illustration and drawing purposes.

It’s very similar to the surface, yes. Microsoft was involved in the project so no, they won’t sue.

It will be sold online. Pricing for higher-end models was not disclosed as far as I know, but you can expect it to be in the vicinity of what was said in Linus Tech Tips. The entry level one will be for €799.

I have no exhaustive answer for hardware support, but there is standard warranty and there was discussion about including as part of the warranty cases that normally aren’t. You can assume at least the standard warranty cover.

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Thanks for the quick response! I’m definitely keeping my eye on it!

-This product is designed for many people, and it’s hard to define the “General User Base”, since it could be for every purpose you mentioned, and more.

-You could check out the prototype reviews and get an approximate idea of what you could get.

-I would say that this is the Surface Pro, but better. (:smirk:) And no, since Microsoft supported Eve on this AND they were the ones to put the V in Computex in the first place.

-Eve will only sell the V online, the word on pricing is USD$799 For the m3 model (The rest is TBC), and will be sold after the Indiegogo Backers got their Vs, which is around Summer 2017.

-Warranty is Still being discussed here at the forums, but as a reference, Indiegogo Backers has 2 years of hardware support.

Hope I answered your questions and welcome to the community!

To your questions about what was V designed for…

Here you have huge amounts of use cases :wink:

quick question, how many nits brightness is the v display? is it the same nit as the surface pro 4?

also, does the type cover turn off the display when close? or do you still have to turn off the display with the button?

one last thing, is the pogo pin adapter for the keyboard the same as microsofts? like can i just add a microsoft surface keyboard with this?

No you can’t, not because of the pogo pins bit because it won’t fit mechanical. You know you could edit your post instead of doing 3 posts in about 20 seconds? XD brightness is 450 nits which is a bit brighter. With the typecover I don’t know. I think if the surface could do it then v will to. But maybe someone of the @Team could answer that for sure.


sorry, not very familiar with this style of forum, not used to being able to edit it after the fact… also do we know if the keyboard will have a magnet to help it keep it closed when closed?

That is different to the surface. The keyboard of the V has there magnets too. So it will stay closed and don’t flap around.

hey, as long as it dont flap around im cool with that, and as long as its not as dim as the asus series of “surface killers” in the end im just curious about this tablet and have been having problems finding answers, like i had to ask the forum about the tablet accepting erasers, like the surface pen, but outside of the forum its no where to be found, again though thank you for your answers

No problem, that’s what the community is here for :wink:

Yes, it turns off display and has magnets to keep it in place.

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The V has: 1:1400 contrast ratio, 450 nits brightness.
The New Surface pro has: 1:1300 contrast ratio, 430 nits brightness.

And for the keyboard, you can’t use a surface one. You can see this if you look at the photos of the 2 tablet/laptops.

In Europe the price will be 799€, and in the Americas it will be 799$.

oh heres a great question, i know microsoft surface does this, but will eve be allowing payment plans for the final product? for those out there who need/want to pay off the device over time not all at once? i realize with how early in dev this device is you might not have an answer, but i figured id ask anyways in case someone did have an answer for the future, cause if you did youd probably sell quite a lot more

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