New Google Pixel and Pixelbook

Google is really showing how strong their software is. The 2xl is too pricy for me. I’d go with the pixel 2. Not really interested in the pixel book or VR.

Pixel sizing puts me off. 5 is too small and 6 is too big! Where’s the goldilocks model? :laughing:

Pixel book is an expensive chrome book, running chrome os only seems pointlessly powerful. Presume you can put windows on it?

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It runs on an 7th Gen Intel Core Processor (be interesting to see if its Y or U, Product Page doesn’t say), and has plenty of ram and storage for Windows, so as long as you could find a way into the BIOS/UEFI I would think you could load windows through a USB (type C only on the Pixelbook) flash drive.

But I totally agree with you. Way overpowered (and overpriced) for ChromeOS, and if you can get Windows on it your stuck with just one USB C port for I/O (and a headphone jack). At least it will run pretty much all Android Apps.


I personally think that for the Pixel 2 (not XL) they did not advance from the original Pixel.
So I actually won’t upgrade… and wait until next year the team they took over from HTC brings some actual highlight :slight_smile:


The HTC team has already been working with Google since the original Pixel, so that wont really change.

The “panda” version of the 2 XL looks really, really nice. It’s a shame that their deliveries are now moved to December. I might just get the “boring” black version which would arrive on november.

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I do think that this will change because they had not as much flexibility designing the device as Google intended initially.
They have been working with, but not for Google. The guideline from HTC was to align with the existing HTC models (I mean if you look at it, there’s no change from 1 to 2 really for the small version and it still looks quite similar to the U11).

So if Google allows them more flexibility particularly in regards of design there might be a chance to get something extraordinary. I encountered that Google can very well encourage people rethink and not stick to the known.


I’ve been using a Pixel 1 for now 2 weeks and I’m quite happy with it. The perks I get ( like infinite photo and video storage ) is a damn good addition for me. This and the fact that the camera is just so good makes me want to snap everything I see. The Pixel 2 looks nice, but every feature that looks interesting I can get it with the first Pixel.

The Pixelbook looks really meh for me. The pen is however, very competitive. 10ms latency and tilt. The V pen looks outdated now (but that doesnt mean it sucks, it’s still very capable).


Pixel 2 is going to be much better. I am a pixel XL owner and I love it. I already pre-ordered for the better camera and waterproofing.


The camera on the pixel 2 looks incredibly good tho. Like REALLY good.

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I would say their hardware was much stronger than their software in yesterdays event. It’s a weird time we live in when the industrial design of Google and Microsoft(software companies) is far better than the industrial design of Apple (a hardware company). Especially when it comes to laptop’s and tablets.


bye headphone jack, good to know you… i hate you all companies! :neutral_face:

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The Pixel is a great phone. I hope that my pixel won’t die the next 2 years.

Chrome OS is nice. But I am not able to use only chrome OS. If your printer doesn’t work with Google cloud print, you aren’t able to print. My mother in law is happy with it. She uses chrome. that’s it. Surfing the web works fast und Safe.

My wife is happy, Netflix works fine.

I am going to sell my Asus c200 after I got my Eve v. The next point is that the German Chromebook market is absolutely mini.

The Pixel 2 XL makes the Samsung Note 8 look like a bargain …

I’ve had a HTC One M7 for four and a half years. It can now barely hold a charge, I have the purple tint problem in pictures, and six months ago, my glass cracked to bits, which means it’s now very hard to read.

So yesterday I ordered the Pixel 2 (small version). It’s not a purchase I’m particularly pleased about - I feel my hand was forced by lack of choice in the marketplace. Firstly, the M7 itself is at the very top end of what I can use one-handed. The market has moved towards frickin gigantic phones, coupled with a bunch of other silliness like easily broken, insulating glass rears.
The Pixel 2 is basically the only top-of-the-line phone of its size range (Sony come close, but not quite). The only other option is the Essential, which I would much prefer because the design is so much better, but firstly, it’s not available in the UK, and secondly, the colour I would pick (matte grey) isn’t available anywhere and there is no indication of when it might appear anywhere.

However, the Pixel 2:
Has a hideous design with big bezels, ugly speaker slits, a pointless glass section on the rear… There’s no option for an uncoloured aluminium phone, so no matter what you pick, if you chip it, it’s gonna look bad. The phone is way too big for its screensize, especially when compared to the Essential (which has almost identical dimensions). Most importantly: It’s absurdly expensive. Really, comically expensive. People might cite similar prices for Samsung, but there’s a few things to note here: Samsung have a technological edge when it comes to displays, memory performance, etc. They also have a clear design edge. Secondly, Samsung and Apple are the market leaders, their products have a desirability based on that alone. They can charge what they want. Thirdly, Samsung’s devices filter out into the channel. If you want to get a Samsung device for cheaper, you just have to wait. Google maintain a tight grip on their supply and keep their devices at the RRP until they’re ready to be replaced with a new.

So yeah.
I feel ripped off, in a way, but also feel that I had no other choice because nobody makes the phone I want.


nah. the XL is cheaper than Note8. Also has a way better software implementation without the useless Samsung features and bloat. Also gets updates immediately and not after 6months of release :wink:

Ill have to completely disagree. The display in Samsungs S8/Note8 is propably the best one in the market but other factors i cant agree on (talking generally here). Samsungs edge displays have their own problems with glare and accidental inputs when you use it one handedly. Also the the cpu/gpu difference is totally minimal and Snapdragon usually takes the win in pure power.

The memory chips are UFS2.1 in both phones so there are no technology advantages in samsung phones in these aspects. And the performance? Stock Android / Pixel Android works so much better in everyday situations, also Samsungs UI tends to start lagging after few months of usage, this has been a problem in S6, S7 and also S8 phones.

Personally I would take a stock / stockish android over anything in every situation. And atleast there are greta options like the new Nokia phones and also OnePlus (although their software is turning into a normal chinese rom with every update)

It’s not just about the connection format of the memory. Samsung’s memory chips are top notch when it comes to performance. I don’t know what the performance of the memory will be in the Pixel 2. But it’s unlikely to be BETTER than Samsung, most likely the provider is Samsung themselves, and at best, it’ll be the same chip.

I take your point on software, but here’s the thing. It’s easier to say, “This phone is composed of many expensive parts, which is why the price is expensive”, than, “This phone is composed of the same parts you can get in the OnePlus 5, but please pay twice the price because the software is really good”. The question becomes - well, just how bad is the software on the OnePlus 5? Is it worth paying SO MUCH MORE for what Google are offering?
I went ahead and paid for what Google are offering, but I don’t feel like I’m getting value for my money. And this is not me being cheap. I’m pretty happy with my Surface Pro 4, with my 24 inch 4K colour-accurate Dell monitor, etc. These things seemed worth their premium.

I don’t mean to devalue software but… The software is Android. The experience is comparable across devices. Nobody would pay twice the price of a Windows laptop just to get the Microsoft signature edition. That would be insane.

Somewhat cheaper, but without a micro-sd slot and without active pen support.

I think removal of headphone jack makes sense:

  1. It gives you 5-10% extra space on a phone, which ideally can be used for battery
  2. Youre no longer attached to the in-device DAC. That means, if your phone has crappy DAC, it’s no longer a problem. That means, a $50 crappy Android phone can sound just as good as a $999 iPhone X
  3. In case you need to use legacy headphones, the only compromise you need is just a $20 USB-C/Lightning adapter that you can definitely afford if you can afford a Pixel or iPhone
  4. Using wired headphone is a PITA in my opinion, the cable gets tangled with everything, and I cant comfortably move without fearing that the headphones will fall of my ears

Well, its not just software. The OnePlus 5 has massive latency issue. To me, its a deal-breaker as typing will be somewhat unusable. I wouldnt even pay a dime for it.

Point is, every little thing adds up. And to get to the point where no corners are cut, it gets really expensive.