New firmware udpate?

Hello community,
I would like to ask you if there is a scheduled update for this month?
From the previous update lineup it seems like the time range between updates is 3 months. Since the 107 firmware update has been released on 01/07/2022 it seems like the October should be the next month of the new update.

Thank you for your answers. Regards.

Hi there,

Version 108 for ES07D03 is currently in progress.

We are running a beta test right now for upcoming features/bug fixes, but we still don’t have a fixed timeline yet!

Does v108 resolve the blanking issue (when 4k144hz) on Apple silicon Macs?

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Hi there,

Version 108 is not out yet.

Yeah but you’re beta testing it so you obviously have a fair idea of the fixes, is that one of the fixes ones being tested? Is the “no signal” issue when waking MBP from sleep attempting to be fixed as well?

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Hi there,

Yes, that is correct. Although it is still on the works, so I cannot say anything that is guaranteed yet until I am 100% sure it will fix the issue.

I am in 107 basically since I got the monitor. I use it mostly with a MacBook pro M1, since August 2022, but in the last 2 weeks, the monitor suddenly goes black screen and the only way to get it out, is by turn the monitor off then on, not even unplugging and plugin back the cable fix the issue.

I am using the USBC (laptop) to USBC (monitor).

What it is truly wired is that before I didn’t have the issue, just recently, the only difference, is that I started to use the display port and the hdmi ports all plug in at the same time, I don’t have signal from the others when the issue happens.

I don’t have the “no signal” message, actually is like if the video were still there, just black screen, I still can access the resolution and change it or put it in HDR. For this I have a second monitor (G7) and laptop monitor so I can operate from there.

I hope the 108 fix these issues. KEEP IT GOING!

Another extra petition, if possible, speed, all the monitors I have are quite fast response on turn on/off, get the signal, I can talk for the G9, G7, LG 5K, some ASUS, but this one feels like an a very old monitor, takes a while to actually start to work, few seconds, not bad, but kind of bad for a monitor in 2022.

Thanks, Cheers.

  • On the good side, the monitor is pretty awesome, I can say that even being at 4k looks basically almost as good as the LG 5K, but at 144Hz, it is just fantastic!
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