New features in small size laptop

Today is my first day in the community and the reason for joining are:

  1. I was amazed at EVE laptop and the community
  2. I have some ideas to share with EVE community since I see there is potential to expand the product.

I have the feeling the product need few adding and tweaks to make it better and become number one laptop for users.

The features I want to see in the new generation are those:

  1. 13-inch laptop size with a large screen (similar to iPhone X)
  2. the second feature it quite complicated but is worth to try it. I feel if the laptop can split into two components main screen and the base body. The “main screen” is the standard screen we used to it, but the difference is the “base body” where the user can select a different type of attached keyboards either the “V keyboard” style for lightweight or “Gaming Keyboard” with high graphics card, extra battery, high-end CPU, RAM and extra SSD storage.

let me know your thoughts. :slight_smile:

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I am not exactly sure, but I think the iPhone X has quite a smaller screen than 13 inch.


Dear Patrick

Sorry for not clarifying the point, so basically what I mean is the screen of eve should have the same screen to body ratio of iPhone X (83%).

Hope this clarify more.

I hope you have 13 inch hands to hold this bezel-less 13 inch tablet.

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Great idea, but the sale price will become an obstacle I’m afraid. :hugs:

you could offer to sell the high end bottom part extra…

No worries my hand can hold 15 inch bezel-less notebook :joy: