New Eve Community App!?

Literally a few moments ago. The Eve community website just offered me an app for my phone. I obviously clicked yes, and it popped up in my apps!
I’m hoping the notifications are better than the Eve browser notifications; on Android.


The app itself literally looks like the mobile version of the website, but without going through the browser!

Picture of android web page for Eve Community:

Picture of the Eve Community app:

So, I’m curious is this a new feature to the community, or as this app always been available? I actually visit the community most often through my phone; So I will now be using the app for all my Eve community needs.


I’ve been using the App version on my Oppo phone for some months now. It’s powered by the browser of the user’s choice. I used to use Chrome, and the App automatically terminates itself when I open Chrome after launching the App. After I switched to using Firefox exclusively, I can keep the App open even when I have Firefox open. For me, it has been the most convenient way to access the community on the go. One minor inconvenience is when I want to view external links from the topics – there’s no tab management. As a result, I always switch to the browser App when I’m dealing with links.


@Lore_Wonder, Thanks for information. It’s literally the 1st time I’ve been asked if I would like to install it!

I’ve not experienced external linking yet, but I did notice the lack of tab management.
It would be useful if there was a way to have tabs for at very least threads/posts. I suppose it’s not a necessity though, because one can always resort to the browser if the need requires it.

I just find it pretty cool as all. I find the mobile browser/app notifications don’t work like I would like them to, but it’s not a big issue.


I wonder how it happens. I just loaded the community on my phone for the first time via the DDG browser - wasn’t given the opportunity for an app.

Of course, I have Chrome disabled. Maybe I need to enable it first?



I’m not sure to be honest. You could maybe try to load it through chrome. I accidentally logged out cleaning my browser junk. When I logged back in it offered me to download the app, but out of all the time I’ve used the community. This was the 1st time it showed up.


Personally i see zero benefits in a App that is just a wrapped browser, just more clutter on the phone taking up space and storage.


It’s actually not even that, it’s a hidden link to an existing browser, not a full browser. Only meta files are installed.


Yeah, I understand that. I was hoping it would give me phone notifications, but at the moment it does not. I’m going to have a play around with it see which I prefer. As for storage it literally takes up 317kb.
Thanks for the information. I assumed something like this was the case.


I am using shortcut to open website atm, however, if it was possible to get notifications through the app, that would be quite useful, and make the app lot more useful overall, since currently there sadly isn’t any normal way to get notifications on phone.


If it is a PWA, then it is more than just a hidden link to a web browser. If it is a dedicated browser instance for this community page only, then it is still tons better than having to leave the page open in the background of your browser all the time to get notifications and such for those who actually care about the notifications / those who actually manage these forums.

For those who don’t need it / want to use it - don’t.


You can’t get mails?
If you have a email app on your phone then you get the notifications.
Or am I missing the point here?


I use email notifications, but my preference would be a browser notification.

Browser notifications on Android can be very effective. On some websites (especially news websites), if you enable notifications they will send you notifications; even if the website is not open on your browser. Admittedly this can be annoying, but I wouldn’t find it annoying if it was for Eve community notifications.


You can also open up the community in the Discourse Hub app. I’ve had it on my iPad for a long time now and the notifications work pretty well.


It is a PWA. For those interested, you can find more information about it on, or just by looking up PWAs online. I haven’t followed it particularly closely, but enough to catch that it’s a PWA.

For myself I use the Discourse Hub app, because I follow several Discourse communities, and it’s more practial to just have them all in one place.


@Javild @nawthor

I actually read about the Discourse app sometime ago, but decided not to download, because some reviews mentioned about the lack of notifications.

Upon reading both of your posts: I’ve downloaded the Discourse app, and voila! I now have Eve community notifications!


I also fully transitioned to Discourse App on my phone following the recommendation of you guys! So far, the notification is quite reliable. (I’d love to keep all of them silent; otherwise, it’ll be pretty tricky for my phone to rest.)


If it helps, you can go through the Android notification settings. From there, you can change the notification sound sound settings for Discourse to be silent.




FWIW, in Chrome (at least) on Windows Desktop, you can do the same thing. It’s a native PWA for any community run off of Discourse’s platform.

  1. Normal Eve in Chrome

PWA 01

  1. Accessing the menu to ‘Install’ Eve PWA

PWA 02

  1. Accepting the installation

PWA 03

  1. New 'Installed" PWA that is separate from your actual running browser now (it will close the browser tab after installing, and you can see this is a separate instance not in my normal browser)

PWA 04

  1. Desktop Shortcut also added

PWA 05

I also tried to see if I could accomplish this natively in Firefox, but it doesn’t seem to want to do it there. My guess is that Microsoft Edge will also allow it, as should several other browsers, particularly those based upon Chromium.



Personally on my desktop I would still use the browser, because I’m often multi-tasking it’s usually best to keep web pages tabbed.

I suppose if I was using both screens for my computer: I could potentially use a full screen for the community. Which using the “app” could be useful for the sake of using the shortcut, but the same could be accomplished with a bookmark shortcut on the desktop.

@nkyadav thanks for all the information you provided; the annotated illustrations you created were perfect. I’ll have a play around with the desktop app; when I’m next on my desktop.


I used to be like that - but I use 2 profiles in Chrome, 2 profiles in Edge, and 1 profile each in Firefox and Firefox Nightly (my actual go to browser for a variety of reasons).

My Firefox Nightly also has the addon Tab Groups, which is a revival of the old Panorama mode, because I use it extensively - as in I use TF out of it. Firefox Nightly alone has 120 tabs open at any given moment, split into 12 different groups. Now, you might think “OMG, that Memory!” - but nope - With Tab Groups only the tabs I’ve opened and actually looked at take up RAM, the rest are there but not ‘active’ per se. And with it being Nightly, well, let’s just say it updates at least once a day, usually 3-4 times a day - and when you restart the browser, all tabs are back in their inactive state until I open them. The grouping is beneficial because I never have more than about 15 tabs on display at any given time.

I use Tab Groups in regular Firefox (stable) also, but only have 81 there.

But Chrome is not so nice. I recently had about 20 tabs open and it was murder - of course, some of those tabs were stuff I use regularly, like various GMail and G-Suite email accounts, Twitter, the MSI website, and numerous other places, including Eve community, but after cleanly installing Windows last weekend, I decided to try individual apps for some of the sites I visit regularly on my system, having dedicated apps that I can open as I please. I did this with GMail For Desktop, the Windows Store apps for Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. and now Eve Community via the above method. Chrome is now pretty with fewer tabs, and I can make a few more of those into PWAs easily, as well. Like the Android Developers sites,

It’s a lot easier than opening tabs from bookmarks and closing them out when I’m done - because 1 browser with multiple logins for the same site gets to be a PITA to manage.