New cables for Eve V

Hello mates! I have a new desktop configuration and right now I need usb-c thunderbolt cable with 90 degree adapter. I saw Baseus magnetic adapter but I believe that there is no TB support on this. Does the new cable has to have TB support? Not only devices, usb slots but also cable? If yes my needs are:

  • 90 degree usb cable male-male or male-female with EXTERNAL MONITOR support
  • small “head” of this cable/adapter, I don’t want to have a bigger adapter that OEM V cable :slight_smile:
  • only black :slight_smile:

Please advice me some solutions :smiley: thank you

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If you are looking to use any kind of Thunderbolt functionality, the cable should be rated for that. If you just want to connect for a USB signal, then the cable does not need to support TB3.

You may need to keep in mind the maximum power the cable can carry safely if you intend to charge devices through it. This will generally be noted somewhere in the cable’s specifications.

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Thank you for you reply. This cable will be pluged in into this:

so I can have both external monitor on hdmi and power on V. That is why I need TB.

Actually, nothing about that device is Thunderbolt 3, so a normal USB-C cable should suffice…

I believed that I need TB when I want to use USB-C as a monitor-out (with help from this Targus Device) and to power on my V on one cable with monitor-out. This is not true?

Its specifications state that it supports 4K over HDMI via Alt Mode.

So even though Thunderbolt 3 is a USB-C alternate mode itself, it is not a requirement for a 4K HDMI signal since HDMI has its own alt mode.

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so why when I plug in this Targus cable to upper usb-c on V (that without TB) I have no monitor-out? (and it is buzzing as hell! But you know… no support on V :wink: )

The upper USB-C port of the V does not support HDMI Alternative Mode either :slight_smile:

top port: USB3.1 Gen 1, USB-PD
bottom port: USB3.1 Gen 2, USB-PD, Thunderbolt 3, DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4b

I’m very much lobbying for all of our future products to avoid having similar-looking ports with different capabilities, and if it can’t be helped, to at least have them marked clearly…


Ok thank you for your patience! So thin baseus magnetic 90d adapter should handle my situation with power support and hdmi-out?

It’s a sexy-looking cable (I especially like that it’s “No rusty and corrosion-resistant”!), and it does support up to 86W charging so power won’t be an issue. But they only ever call it a ‘charging cable’ and never mention any data. And the magnetic connector only has 5 pins – USB-C has 24.

I haven’t tested it, obviously, but going by what I could find in a quick internet search, I’m afraid this cable might do the job of connecting your V to a charger but won’t be much good connecting the V to anything else…


sooooo this one is for me?

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This looks very promising!

I’m alarmed by one of their ‘warm tips’ though:

  1. Not perfectly compatible with MacBook Pro 2018 as we found the depth of Type C ports on MBP 2018 is not as deep as previous models, so it can’t be plugged all the way into the USB C ports, which will cause a poor connection. Buy with caution if you buy for a 2018 MBP!

Seems their port is just long enough to fit, and I don’t know how nicely this will play with the V’s slanted edge…

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there is no warranty for my V so I will use glue to make it works :slight_smile: I’ll give it a try and let you know!

Even with glue it risks to make a poor connection.
The slanted edge of the V will eat a bit of the plug lenght and the plug is already a bit short . . . .
Nothing opposes you to try gluing it off course :hugs:

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@Helios @AML I ordered this Magnetic adapter and I will let you know how it suits.

I would like to ask you guys can you give me some blueprint about place in V that is most hot? I believe that this should be CPU. Can you draw me some sketch where it is located in V? I think two dimensions should be fine, how far from top and from left f.e. I want to place temperature meter on it and when it is >60oC then my own fans will start to work. I want to use V on bios MAX PERFORMANCE without overheating. Also please advice me on what temperature it should start fans. 60oC or what? Thank you.

On sketch please draw also back camera unit to be sure that we are on proper side of V :slight_smile:

No ‘mm perfect’ clue about the hottest spot on the backside of the V, but one could use:
. His fingertips
. An electronic fever thermomether
. One of those cheapo laser temperature handheld meters.

There is quite a lot of info about max power with the V on the forum, the best oversight comes up with [thing that you are searching for]

A CPU can handle temperatures up to 110c but you don’t really want that. 100c should still be save but is cutting it quite close. I know on desktops 80c is generally used as a max temp. But since the V dissipates heat from the back you might not want to hold an 80c device. Then again, when the CPU is 80c it doesn’t mean the whole device is 80c.

So that is why I would like to put temperature sensor on this perfect place where CPU is. What temperature should I choose for perfect work? 60+ to start fans? 70?

I have paper beta version of my own V stand so you can understand how will it work:
(I will change some things but this is beta model)

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Assuming the V is mounted against the slanted front side, it really won’t matter exactly where the temperature is highest, as those three fans will just move a lot of air behind all of the device. And I really doubt any number of large fans will be able to drag much more performance out of a CPU that was designed to be cooled with a tiny passive square of copper…

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I like to use V with Illustrator & PS and for some time for Animate CC. There are SOME moments, when V can’t handle this kind of work. I need to cool it down. I put 3 for symmetry only. There are very quiet, 14db. The spot I am looking for is for sensor.