Network and optical drive questions

  1. Is there an easy way to connect to my office server’s ethernet cable even though the V has no ethernet port? Will it have the same or similar speed connection as it would if it had the ethernet port?

  2. Is there anything specification or otherwise things we should know when shopping for the best connectable blu-ray player (i.e. cable types, power, etc.)?

I do not think These are questions to be answered in a live stream. A simple thread would have been enough.
For the first, there are usb adapters for ethernet. If you buy one from a good Brand you should not experience issues since you will probably just connect 1Gbit ethernet to a 10Gbit usb Port. 10Gbit should be fine too by the numbers :thinking: Actually I use an USB C Aukey Adapter with LAN and hdmi and other ports and it works great.
I do not have experiences with blue ray players, but they will probably use much power so I would only use them stationary with connection to the Power grid, but I think there are models that can be powered just from usb port, but it will drain the V fast. Every blueray Player should be fine I guess, when it has usb on it.

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