Netkid's V Review (spoiler alert - don't read if you want your own experience)

Got my V on the 22nd. The DHL guy just dropped it off, but I got someone to take photos of the box just in case. There were a few dings on the box but the tape was intact. When I got the V home, I unpacked it, and was very surprised how it was packaged and secured. Impressive! I found the unboxing experience to delightful and fun. I appreciate the extra bag (pouch) that was included. I found my name on the box but not the poster yet. I only ordered the extra zipper pouch, which was included. I had a small issue with the pen battery spring but I got it resolved quickly.

I find the trackpad needs some getting used to. I did have to change my mouse and trackpad sensitivity though. Speakers are fine. As I type this though I find lots of mistakes, possibly due to the jumping on the trackpad. There was no visible damage to my unit / screen either.

I find the USB ports are tight - which is fine with me. I did find the V was not charging though and I had to figure out what was going on / reinserted the cable. My battery life is variable, but I did install the latest Intel driver update. There were only a few Windows updates, which was awesome. I haven’t seen any indexing or heat / cpu issues. I have not been able to figure out how to pair the kb even though I saw the video and read the manual. Not a big deal IMHO.

I was thoroughly impressed with the presentation of the unit, packaging and I put it on Sony/Apple/Nintendo/Samsung level of quality. It’s truly a professional package job and everything initially reeks of quality!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I won’t be testing any crazy software though, and my use case is pretty simple but still I’m open to share my thoughts.


Do you mean tighter than usual or tighter than ports that people are saying are too loose? Also, I assume you are referencing USB-C ports right? Last question haha, how is the port on the charging brick? In Mr. Mobile’s YouTube review, he mentioned it being too loose.

USB a port was tight to get anything into. It was very snug. Port on Brick is fine it seems. Normal fit

What about the top USB-C (non Thunderbolt) port?

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Had the same experience. Had to push my usb stick in really hard to get it to work. But once you know that it shouldn’t be a problem :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s one of the first things I checked.

USB-C Situation: Perfect, clicked in on both

I then charged it using the top port.


No issues that I can tell


@netkid23, When did you place your order, If i may ask?

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