Neowin writes about PF having Kaby Lake

Website/place where Eve is discussed:

It is obvious that our works here are being followed more and more by the big medias. This article was proactively pushed out by Neowin, and they also contacted @eve-tech for more info.

I think there were some evengelists commenting there, but perhaps they got removed or maybe I just remember wrong. Word of warning then: Act according to local etiquettes!


The article commented was another: Interview: Eve's CEO talks to us about the company's past and the "Surface killer" - Neowin
I was one of them, with @Ervin and @Konstantinos (riku’s edit:) @AntonyTerence @pauliunas


The discussion there is lukewarm now, to say the least :slight_smile:

That shows that folks outside have opinions and there are fresh comments we all can benefit from!

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U forgot me :grinning:
Indeed. The reception is not as good as I thought. People don’t even bother to check the device out, and then criticize it.


Deeply sorry for that :wink:

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