Need tech help for the new V, 2 problems

So I have several topics…

  1. first: I checked all settings, power and screen saver (latter: “none”) etc, account settings etc.


1a) i have screen off after 1 minute. Which is fine. What I don’t like: after hitting the power button (just touching the screen does not work; I have only a USB keyboard) the lock screen comes but I don’t need to log in (which is fine) just scroll it (however don’t need no lock screen at this moment…)…

1b) Also, it seems it resets settings and I have to log out & in to get my original settings back.
What to do so it turns back on the screen without lock screen and without resetting setting?

  1. The screen is lagging. I have a “Intel Core i7 CPU-32GB RAM-512GB SSD”, so this should not happen. When I am painting, it is like going in several steps. Same when I open whichever program.

I hope you can help me here, I don’t understand this. It is not like I am new to computers; I own others never had so strange problems.

Both sound like windows problems rather than problems with the V itself. Are you in Windows 10 or 11.
For 1, recommend you look at Settings → Accounts → Sign in options: such as “If you’ve been away when should Windows require you to sign in again”. What doe you mean by “reset settings” - what settings were reset?/

For 2, recommend you look at Task Manager to see what’s eating all your CPU when you perform functions. Normally the V doesn’t come with any bloatware (except what comes with Windows). If there’s nothing that’s consuming the CPU, you may need to check your power settings. Also, for “lagging”, I assume you mean the PC is slow rather there being a problem with the pen?

Apologies if you’ve already done all this.

Thank you, still W10 and prefer to keep this. And yes, I have done all that already… why this behavior on this new V and not on other computers? Compared the settings…
Thought here would be a good place to ask as there are so many “savvy” guys here…

I agree on keeping Windows 10. A lot of the apps I use on Windows don’t work on 11 due to Microsoft stripping out a lot of underlying kernel features that made 10 so good.

One thing you can check is the performance settings. Dough has tweaked the Win10 performance setting to favor battery over performance. Crank it to performance and you will see some improvement, but you will want to be close to a power source.

I’m doing research into the BIOS settings to see if there is anything that can be modified for better performance. I use several different virtual environments, so one thing I always have to check is if the Intel Virtual Extensions are enabled in the BIOS.

My last point would be that if Windows 10/11 is running on the Dough V2, it is the problem of Dough to understand how those operating systems work on their hardware and ensure there is appropriate documentation to correct even the most mundane annoyance issues that people experience. Thank goodness a lot of competent people back their products and there is always help to be found in the forums because this is one thing that Dough is very bad at doing.

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