Need some data for an Eve smart phone concept

I’ve been having an idea for a smart phone (Don’t we all?) running through my head for a couple days or so. It’s not a… traditional smartphone that we see everywhere these days. Can you all answer some questions below before I make any conclusions?

Do you often take pictures in RAW format on your smartphone?

  • Yes
  • No
  • What’s RAW?

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How much storage on your smart phone is dedicated towards storing pictures & recorded video?

  • Most or all of it
  • Half and half
  • Not most of it

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Do you store your pictures & recorded video on your phone or an integrated SD card?

  • SD Card
  • Phone Storage
  • I don’t have an SD Card slot

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If you use cloud storage (Google Drive, Images, etc.) do you keep pictures & recorded video on your phone or do you fully keep it on the cloud?

  • Cloud
  • On phone
  • Half and half
  • On Cloud but I have copies on my phone

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How long are your recorded videos that you take with your smartphone camera?

  • Less than 1 minute
  • Around 2 minutes
  • Around 5 minutes
  • Around 10 minutes
  • Around 30 minutes
  • 30 or more minutes (Please explain below)

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Between phone weight and a phone’s density, which one do you care more for?

  • I want my phone to be super light
  • I don’t care about the weight as it doesn’t feel heavy (Not dense, weight is distributed evenly)
  • I love that dense feel of a phone

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How much do you care about one-handed operability on your phone?

  • I need to be able to operate my phone one-handed
  • I am alright with using two hands occasionally
  • I want to use both my hands when operating my phone

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Do you often connect your phone via cable to your computer to transfer files?

  • Yes, I basically use my phone as a portable SSD
  • No, I rely on cloud backup/other services to transfer files
  • Only when I need to do a manual backup of my phone
  • Never

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What’s your opinion on reverse-wireless charging like those on Samsung or Huawei devices?

  • I like it
  • It’s gimmicky
  • It has potential
  • Other

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Have you ever used WiFi-Direct or other wireless sharing service on a supported device?

  • Yes, it was alright
  • Yes, it was really finicky
  • No

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How much do you value water resistance (IP6X) on a smart phone?

  • I absolutely need it
  • I expect it to exist after a certain price point
  • It’s useless and adds unnecessary cost to a smart phone

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Photographer’s, what’s your general opinion on your smartphone camera?

  • I use my smartphone only for quick pictures, anything else I use my main camera (SLR, etc.)
  • I wish my phone camera UI was better
  • I wish my smart phone camera supported more lense types
  • I wish it had a better sensor and/or image processing
  • Other (Please explain below)

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Photographers, If possible, do you wish your smart phone had a full SD Card Slot?

  • Yes
  • Sure, as long as it doesn’t make the phone ugly
  • Don’t care, as long as it has some sort of SD Card slot and it can read Class 10 stuff
  • No, I don’t want any sort of SD card slot on my phone

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Photographers, do you use ever use pro mode on your smart phone camera?

  • Definitely
  • No, I’m already dealing with that migraine when using my main camera. I want auto shots.
  • I don’t have a pro mode on my smart phone camera

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What’s the most gimmicky feature on today’s smart phone cameras?

  • Super Slow Motion
  • “Bokeh”
  • Super Zoom
  • Wide Angle Shots
  • Panorama
  • Hyper lapse
  • Dedicated Night Mode
  • Other (Please explain below)

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What resolution of photos and videos do you take on your smart phone?

  • Less than 1080p
  • Around 1080p
  • Around 1440p
  • Anything bigger than 1440p
  • I don’t know, I just use whatever was set to default

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What’s your opinion on concept/products like Sony’s DSC-QX100, Essential’s 360 camera or the Hasselblad True Zoom Moto Mod?

  • I like the concept and It has potential. Could use better execution.
  • I’m open to the idea
  • …Why?

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Thanks for the input Eve Community.


I think the AR emojis, stickers, etc are the most gimicky feature.

The SD card question needs an option for “I only want Micro SD in a phone”.

I wish the auto focus could keep up for burst shots of action sports.


My intention was that it was bundled with the “don’t care” choice. Ergo, as long as it has the capability of a form of an SD card slot (full, mini, micro, etc). Now looking back, I guess it could have been interpreted as “I can connect an SD card slot via a usbc adapter”.

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I figured that might be what you intended so that’s what I voted. I always want an SD card slot but I want the smallest version possible.

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My personal request: support for an active stylus of some kind.

I’d be thrilled to avoid paying Samsung an arm and a leg for a Galaxy Note in order to get a proper stylus on Android.

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I have a camera. I can’t remember the last time I used the camera on a smart 'phone.

Would you be using the stylus on your phone as more as an input device or a writing tool?

I have the Note 9 right now. The S-Pen is an amazing input device since it gives me so much more precision.
As a writing tool though… I’ve generally used it for only for jotting down quick notes.

The problem with the S-Pen on the Note 9 (And I imagine sequential Note phones) is:

  • The curved screen doesn’t allow effective use of the stylus on the edge

  • Subjectively, the screen isn’t wide enough. This is mostly due to Samsung’s super tall aspect ratio.

  • The stylus is amazing but I only pull it out when I’m sitting at a table. If I have to write long digital notes I need a table to stablize my writing.

  • When you are writing on the phone while on the table, you have to rest your hand on the table while the stylus is on the phone. Said phone is obviously taller than the table; It’s not like a tablet or even writing on paper where your pen/pencil and hand is at an even surface. You have to adapt your writing style to this and it can get uncomfortable.

I large screen like the Note line is fine but only if the phone is light weight which the Note 9 isn’t. Phones with stylus’s are the odd bunch when it comes to my preferences; I’d actually want to sacrifice the headphone jack to make it thinner and lighter while making the screen bigger.

I’m waiting for a larger sample size from the above survey before I create maybe an AutoCAD render of my concept. But so far it looks like I’ll be targeting something slightly bigger than the 5.8 & 6 diagonal inches of the new iPhone’s and Galaxy Devices. Maybe with a different aspect ratio.

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Back in 2010 I was all on board with the vocal I NEED AN SD CARD SLOT tribe. Now 10 years later, there’s not a moment I’d ever say i need one. Cloud syncing is far easier, far faster, and far less prone to failure. Give me a phone with no SD card slot any day over the addition of SD card causing lack of water proofing, higher cost for parts, lack space savings etc. Also, I’m a photographer.

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I’ve always been interested in a phone, reader combination. The developing 2 screen concept appears to make it more feasible. That could really be innovative.

Personally, I use my Note 11+ stylus to jot notes during brief meetings and to draw. I’m trying to practice using digital drawing and painting tools, and it’s a bit much to be carrying a full tablet with me everywhere I go.


  • Most of the time, the canvas or pad can be moved around on the screen to avoid this. I don’t like the curved screen most of the time anyway, as it just messes with too many app UI’s.
  • On the Note 10+ it’s more like if I had a paper notepad. Not great for big drawings or lots of writing, but good enough for lists, instant note taking, and doodles. I actually managed to draw a fox and it turned out better than I expected for a first try with a phone stylus.
  • I can’t write with a regular floppy notepad in my hand on the best of days anyway. A hard backing helps, but nothing is as steady as a hard surface. For long form notes, I usually try to stick to typing.
  • It helps to have a slim case. Palm rejection does work, but I do agree that a slimmer phone would be beneficial in this instance.

Adding a stylus is a nice bonus, but it’s certainly tricky to get right without requiring a lot of extra design work and tech.

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I think the hasselblad add on is a fantastic idea! I never saw that until today.

I do a lot of iPhonography and have replaced my DSLR for 80% of what I shoot. I am a huge supporter of doing it as a slim addon using magnets and direct connections(less blutooth and enough wifi please) adding a 1/4 20 mount one horizontal, one vertical (if possible along with a cold shoe mount and a option for mic input are also going to make it a perfect camera replacement.

I like to shoot anamorphic as well so if that can be possible, even better! A wide angle and zoom options with easy to hold and mount things with good ergonomics are what photographers and video makers need today.

As you already know, there is a huge aftermarket of add-ons for phones and Moment Lenses and cases are what I use now, but then I still need to add a hot shoe mount and tripod mount, so if there was a case design with all that built in and had a photo flash / video lighting wide/telephoto, handgrip, multi function record / zoom button then you’d really have something!

This photo shows what I curretly have to do to get my iphone in video mode, not sexy but it’s as small as I can get it by todays standards. I still have to carry lenses and the mic. Beast grip is another company that makes a iphone case that has mount points all over it, but it’s way behind the hasslblad idea. Did I say having mount points was important?

The hasselblad idea is the best idea, just needs mount points for a mic or additional light and really good wide/tele lens.



This was a good idea but it was a bit bulky and lacked lenses.

This has great mounting options but again is bulkier than the hasselblad idea.Currently though this solution is the best made/designed product for people that need photo/video expandability and features for their phoneBeastcage-for-iPhone

I really want better indoor shots without blur on moving objects. ie for kids parties

Only pixel seems to do it well


Last pixel sadly had big problems with taking good videos

Don’t skip the IR blaster please. Controlling stuff around my house that is not connected to the internet was amazing.

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Thank you all, my concept here.