My Views On the V

Hi Community,

I am writing this to tell you non-beliEVErs that good things will come to those who wait. I was one of the backers who complained about the long wait and the constant delays during the production of the Vs. I received my V a few days ago and honestly, I am glad that I backed this project! The only thing I complain is that I ordered an extra V pen but I received an extra universal charger instead. However, I got in touch with support (they replied to me in less than 3 days) and they told me that its on its way next week or so. So Thanks @Konstantinos for making a beliEVEr out of me.

Here are my summary of the V

Display: F**king GORGEOUS. No words (even with the F word) can describe how beautiful it is. You guys just have to see it for yourselves
Performance: Since I already own two gaming computers (laptop and desktop), I only use the V for its portability. I am a chef so its is very speedy to the current task I am doing (netflix, writing recipes)
Sound: I aint a sound expert but to me its all right. So cannot comment
The Pen: The side buttons dont seem to do anything. Anyway so my girlfriend and I went to best buy to test the surface pro pen on the MS surface pro. She said occasionally the V is better but occasionally the MS surface pro is better. But ultimately she thinks that the Samsung Note8 feels way way more natural. :joy: So @Team I hope the next generation of V will beat the Note8 when it comes to this.
Connectivity: I find it weird that a handful of the people here experience connectivity problems. I tried my ThumbDrive as well as USB type C and it works up to my expectations. More to come as i discover my V

Conclusion: Am I satisfied with my V? YES!! Will I back the V again (V-2) in the near future? Hell yeah I certainly would. Shut up and take my money.