My V... too many problems UPDATE: nearly no problems left

Hi there, just went to the airport to pick myself my V today.
It came from the EU warehouse with that protection no inflated. Magnetic sleeve came together,
I liked the packaged with no damages.
So far so good.
Windows is still updating…

Problems so far:

  • It came with the wrong keyboard. I ordered the portuguese layout. this is the UK or something like this.
  • Pen is not working!!! the screen doesnt recognizes it. (that small dot doesnt appear) UPDATE: battery not in the pen. i assume that is the problem.
  • Pen magnets does not work, it doesnt attach to the side of the V. UPDATE: As other users pointed. With the battery this will be fixed.
  • Sound doesnt seem broken but it is a little subpar… right now this is not my main problem.

@Team i’m sorry, but this unboxing experience and first minutes have been a total disappointment.


Very sorry to hear of all your problems. Not good.


Top bad about the keyboard. Send an email to (did I write it correctly?) I’m sure they will send you a correct one! :confused: I read somewhere, that with some devices the battery in the pen needs to be reversed after unboxing for it to work. Maybe check that it has correct placement? The magnet thing seems weird though! Maybe check with something else, if the right side of the V itself is magnetic?

the keyboard right now is not the worst part, i can wait for the new one.
but the pen…and the magnets on the side… what if it is a problem with the V

Sorry for the stupid question: did you try both sides? I really hope there are not just magnets missing on the v or the pen. :confused: did you try sticking something else on the side? We can only hope that it’s nlt the v but the pen. :confused:

ok i was even more stupid… no battery in the pen.
i didnt knew i had to buy a battery for the pen. i assumed it would be working out of the box


AAAA batteries aye :-). Difficult to track down, try a computer shop.

And the magnets are still non-existent??

Edit: I wasnt aware everybody else’s came with a battery…

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It should have a battery, at least mine did.


The battery should be included! Shoot an email to support. I’m sure they will fix this!

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wasnt a AAAA battery supposed to come with the V?
i’m a lot more optimistic now. with the battery probably most of those problems will be fixed.
I just feel a smal tension down on the right side when i approach the pen. not even close to grab it.

where was the battery?

The pen magnets are not very strong, they should be enough to hold it, but not grab it like the keyboard grabs the screen. I think it is meant as a place to put the pen temporarily, not store it all the time.

For me, the AAAA battery was included (was already inside the pen, working without doing anything). Pen holds on the bottom right side of the V only (at least for me).

yes i know. but it doesnt even hold.
Can you see if your V still holds without the battery?
@Thospa can you try this?
yep i thought the would be already inside the pen. If i knew i would have bought it earlier

It doesn’t ^^ Now there you have it - how strange :smiley:

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this is great news!!!
Now the only real problem is the wrong keyboard.
about the speakers… they are loud enough, but a little flat.
on my way to Staples to buy baterries


the magnets are actually in the V and not the pen and because the battery is magnetic it holds everything… without battery no pen hold …

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yes I know. but at that time i didnt even knew that the battery was missing


Look out for some tuning v soon. Some users have tuned theirs and it improves the sound quality quite a bit from what I read.

Hoping you sort your keyboard out soon :slight_smile:


As the guys suggested here already message our support and we will get it resolved!
Sorry to hear about this. We need to see how it is possible that your keyboard got mixed up. Thanks for letting us know!