My V M3 LB Experience Thread

So I just want to add my epxeriences with the V so far after one day:

A lot of people said a lot of awesome things to the screen. My thoughts: Resolution, color and brightness is incredible good. I was just a little bit shocked on the bootscreen, the black value is not really comparable to current smartphone displays… but I’m not really able to see weaknesses when using windows (because there are almost never complete black areas).

Other things I experienced that are not written a 100 times before here in forum :wink:

The headphone AMP is awesome. I’m using it with my Bang&Olufsen Headphones where you can really hear the difference to other AMPs like the ones in a smartphone. I don’t experienced anything negative with the built-in speakers so far. They are good for Netflix :wink:

I can play Battlefield Bad Company 2 on my V!! Even on the M3! That is kind of awesome, didn’t expected that. I may test a little bit more games like Anno 1701.

I like the Trackpad very much. Gestures for Windows are working stable and smoothly. I already miss it after one day usage on my business notebook. The keyboard with backlight is also great.

From power side the M3 seems to be completely enough. It was the right decision. From storage side at least a 256GB option would have been great, maybe for future options in a V online store :slight_smile:

I’m writing this now still with the “first” battery charge, so the one my V was delivered with. Very impressive! :slight_smile: I’ve installed several Apps, programs, Windows Updates, watched 1h Netflix and played 20min Battlefield BC2 on it. I’ve used browser a lot and tried several other programs. Spotify is running quite a while. Akku seems definitely fine! :slight_smile:

Waiting for this product, especially the last few weeks have been really hard and frustrating. And I’m still not sure whether I would back something like this again… But for this time, in the end it was absolutely worth it :slight_smile: The product itself is just great. From process side I hope the team has learned a lot for future projects, because there were one or two things to improve :wink:

Cheers, Max


Update @ day 2:

4 hours gaming (Battlefield 2 BC & Vanilla Minecraft) without issues. Additional mouse attached. CPU temperature up to 81°C. Case is very warm but not hot. Minecraft in full Resolution is mostly smooth and absolutely playable. Bf BC2 with 1400x900 Resolution and low Details is also playable with sometimes small lags.

I’ve also tested built-in Speakers. I’ve used the Equalizer for better Sound with Music, calls, …
I get quite good results with this. It is not as loud as the original one but without annoing distortions when listening at max. volume. Calls and Music still appears very clear.


Consider a microSD card. I have the same m3/128 model as yours, and have 64 GB microSD for videos and games.


Yes I’ll use one for data, but speed is not comparable to an internal SSD unfortunately.

Very warm :sweat_smile: ? I’m a little worried to try 3D games…my V got warm from simply downloading the Adobe suite, and when I was playing some small 2D games afterwards(Mine is an i7) I’ve yet to try letting it handle psd/3D files, anyone tried those programs and any other games?

So like I said I’ve played Bf and Minecraft for about 4 hours without big break.
CPUID HWMonitor was running to check internals. CPU Max heat was at 81 degrees (Celsius), mostly around 70-75. Case max. heat was I guess about 40/45… so when I put my hand on it, it was warm, but for example my old Lumia 930 got much hotter :smiley:
Why your V got warm while downloading is the high data transfer with the Wifi and writing to SSD. That consummates a lot of energy. 3d rendering (games, files,…) consummate mostly CPU/Graphics.

You should just give it a try :slight_smile: And feel free to share your experiences here! Unfortunately I don’t own a program and the skill for 3d modelling, so I couldn’t try it out.

cool, i was tempted to try every game in my steam library😁will definitely try to do more “work” once i replace the flimsy protector with something sturdy, and really see what my V is capable of, cheers!


Small Update @ day 5:

I’ve played a little bit with the pen in several apps. I could absolutely recommend the app “Penbook”, it is perfect for taking handwritten notes!! I’ve never really used a digital pen before, so this is my first experience and I like it more than I expected it!

I’m also really happy with the Zipper Sleeve. Fits perfect :slight_smile:

I’ve read in some corners of this forum now from people who want a product to protect their Webcam. Just turn it off in the device manager if you don’t need it. Should be definitely sufficient :slight_smile:

I still love the amp for headphones. It’s just awesome.

I’ve now inserted a 200GB Micro SD Card (UHS I, Class 10, SanDisk). Reading speed is up to 80 MB/s which is totally sufficient, but writing is unfortunately only 5-15 MB/s. I’m quite sure the SD card should be faster and I’m not sure what slows it down so much.

Btw, does anyone has Dolby Access (Dolby Atmos) for Windows tested on the V? I’ve used my test-period some months ago completely useless… I like Dolby Atmos on my phone very much, so I’m thinking of investing those 18€… Maybe someone could share his experiences :slight_smile:


Another update after one week usage :slight_smile:

I love it!

Using V for taking notes in 2x 4h meetings is no problem at all. 12h uptime (screen on and writing with the pen). I’m really impressed and super happy!

It’s not perfect but I get along with it. Sometimes there are small issues with palm recognition, but no big deal.

Currently I’ve attached 1x USB-C hub with HDMI 21:9 screen, 2x HDDs, 1x Card reader, and additionaly 1x USB stick and mouse. Completely smooth. Data transfer rates without problems. Impressive!!!

I love the screen for light photo editing/adjusting (photoshop express). Now I don’t have to worry about guessing the wrong color temperatures, because this screen shows colors so awesome!

Like I’ve mentioned in another Thread I’ve also tried Dolby Atmos and was very disappointed. No comparison to the Dolby Atmos on an Android Device.

This is also my first device I’m using Windows Apps on. Quite nice :slight_smile: Penbook, Xodo PDF, PS Express…

Some music production (DAW + some VSTs) is also smooth.

And at least, it looks so beautiful when carrying it around with the Zipper Sleve!

I’ve showed the V to several people now. Some asked me if this is the new Surface :smiley: All have been impressed by the Bluetooth keyboard and backlight.

Team has created a really awesome product! :relaxed:


is the sleeve black or greyish? I cannot make it out on their photo. I think it “says” black. Or better, can you take a real good photo of it, on theirs (Eve’s website) I only see it half…
Thanks :slight_smile: [cause I ordered a zipper sleeve :wink: and most users here seem to have a magnetic sleeve…]


So this picture should show the difference between black (earphones) and the colors of the zipper and the V quite good :slight_smile: So I would call it dark grey :smiley:


does it have any other or additional pockets? :slight_smile: just curious…

There are two dolby atmos post around.
It seems there was no notable differences between Atmos on or Atmos off. :cry:

Inside the sleeve is split up so you could insert your V and maybe some Papers (Din A4). And there is a strap for the pen.

That’s what I experienced too… :confused:

In case someone is interested (and able to read german :smiley: )… I’ve written a quite long review about the V, EVE and the whole crowdfunding story :slight_smile: I hope you enjoy reading! Feel free to tell me on what you agree, what may be wrong and what is good :wink:


Love this part of the article:
Shouldn’t take 1,3 years for you to receive your device anymore.
But you should add this:
Only 4 to 5 months…

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Thank you for the article!!! 10 likes? so many German-reading people here :wink: Feeling at home :smiley:

Seriously though. I think it’s a great article, very neutral, very well explained: all the pros and the cons and the good and bad management by the company. No unnecessary emotional comments!! Love it!


Great text. one question: aren’t both USB-C ports for power delivery? I’m always charging my V at the lower (TB3) port…

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Good question. I will search for it an correct it if necessary. Thanks for the hint :slight_smile:

You’re right, the V could be charged on both ports :smiley: I adjusted the article :slight_smile:

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