My V is back from the death

A month ago, just before going on a trip abroad, my V died (no boot, black screen). I must say I wasn’t too happy with the situation, the V had been used at work for 3 days only and I had just put a dbrand skin on it.
There was no way to turn the device on, I tried many things with no luck.
I opened an incident at Eve Support (20/04) then went to travel for a week and when I went back I tried to turn the device on again and… it worked… but for 10 minutes.
Yes 10 minutes, I was able to log on and work a little bit before the V started doing things like related in this post
And in the end the device died again (no boot, black screen)
I went again to a series of tests to try to turn it on without luck.
I wrote again to Eve Support explaining the situation. (28/04)

On the fourth of may I finally got a mail from Eve telling me that my tablet would be replaced and that I would be contacted when a new one would be available for me.
Tired of waiting and because I really needed a machine for my work I finally bought a new computer (a Lenovo X1 Yoga). So yes the Eve is cheaper but at the end, for me, it costed me more as i finally had to buy another machine.
We are now the 21/05 and there is still no news from Eve.

In the meantime, last friday, I don’t know why I plugged the power to the V and… I was able to turn the device successfully on !!
Since friday the device is running fine, I have done multiple reboots, shutdowns, put the device in sleep mode, I even upgraded Windows to 1803.
Everything seems to be running fine and I can finally enjoy using the device.
Let’s hope this time it’s for a long time.



Ive been told “a replacement jeyboard will be organised and shipp to you.” Its been twoo weeks. And my essays for term 2 are about to be due. Btw its bee more than 11 weeks since i first contacted eve support. I know how it feels to be abandoned.

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I think all your V needed was a full battery drain. Mine has needed that multiple times. I’m not 100% sure what causes it but it might have something to do with grounding.


A self healing V, wow, who said that the V is outdated already?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I don’t know what to feel… I’m not the only waiting for eve support so I am pretty sure this is not against me but I am still disappointed…
Indeed I’m still waiting for ALL my accessories since I received my V 3 months ago and impossible to get any information… But my V is working so I have just to be patient I guess…

I received my missing accessory last week so don’t loose hope, it will certainly arrive but as you said, patience is needed.

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I did that multiple times before leaving it in the box to send it back. Have you had the same problem ? is it still occurring or did it occur only once ?

Happened to me twice. When the keyboard was plugged in it would blink slightly, frequently, but it wouldn’t boot up. And the keyboard backlighting would remain on while connected.

After draining and charging you it back up it booted up. I’d recommend also finding a way to ground your V.

I thought I drained mine too, but in retrospect I don’t think I did it correctly. What seems to be the best way is to unplug the V, connect the keyboard and turn on the white backlighting (this should use the most battery) and let it sit until the keyboard backlight turns off.


same, support told me in mar that i would receive a replacement keyboard, but then radio silence since then. i recently reached out to them again, hoping they’d honor their five-day reply promise, but they acknowledged my email on 16th may and nothing since then as well. the thing is, im ok with waiting, but i just wanna know roughly when it’ll arrive, even if it’s sth ridiculous like next year.

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Twice already ? :unamused:
Did you wrote to Eve Support about that ?

Of course! They’re very friendly and helpful and understanding. They’re a small team, so delays and communication mistakes are expected and easily overlooked.