My thoughts on the feature that will make it or break it for Spectrum 240 hz @ QHD

As we all know, we looked to this monitor because when it was first announced at the beginning of this year, it had INCREDIBLE specs and everyone here knowing how good LG nano IPS panels are, we loved the idea of an LG 27GL850 running at 240 hz with community input on what feature should be included, how small the bezels were and how the OSD is organized.

New competitor enters the arena! MSI MAG274QRF-QD!
So this panel uses a “Rapid IPS” which is simply AUO Optronic’s own version/take on LG’s Nano IPS. You can view the full review here: MSI MAG274QRF-QD Review, Setting New Performance Records at 1440p 165Hz - YouTube
The specs are:
165 hz @ QHD
G-sync compatible
Ports: 2x HDMI 2.0, 1x DP 1.4, 1x USB type C with display port alt mode (no data passthrough), headphone jack, 1x upstream USB port, 2x downstream USB ports
Low motion Blur mode @ 120hz (really good according to review)
contrast ratio 1000:1 (they say it’s at least 25% more than an LG nano IPS panel)

So why do I mention the panel above? what does this have to do with spectrum? well I’d like to bring to attention what makes this monitor really great that I think spectrum still has time to implement/get approvals for/etc.

MSI’s GAMING OSD APP 2.0… this is what I think will really bring this monitors features together and will make this monitor shine in terms of how adaptive it is + bring the best out of this monitor (regardless if it’s model 1, 2 or 3).

The biggest advantage the eve spectrum monitor has over the MSI monitor is the fact that eve’s usb C supports display alt mode + data transfer to really allow a 1 cable solution. With it’s built in KVM switch you could hook up 2 devices to the monitor (for example your gaming rig and your work laptop/rig) and have your peripherals hooked up to the monitor so you can easily switch using your keyboard and mouse between devices. So why not take advantage of this 1 usb c cable and take it further? Create an OSD App for spectrum that would allow us to change ANY setting from the eve monitor through software in windows or linux. If it’ll cost too much to hire the programmers to create the OSD app then at least implement an open source API that would allow us to access all the functions of the monitor through software alone like MSI’s OSD app. That way the community can be in charge of creating the software in the same way this monitor was funded, through a passionate community of coders, designers and gamers who want control over their monitor without even having to touch the monitor.

Imagine what could be accomplished!

  1. Automatic brightness control (either depending on which application is opened, a webcam reading light readings, keyboard shortcuts)
  2. Automatic changing between Gsync mode and Low motion blur mode (since low motion blur mode won’t work at the same time as Gsync, we could set up profiles per game or app so we can automatically change to low motion blur mode when we have an appropriate game that would benefit or Gsync when we don’t)
  3. Changing color profiles automatically (based on profiles per app in the OSD app)
  4. KVM switching using a keyboard shortcut (imagine switching to your other console or rig at the touch of a keyboard shortcut!)
  5. Create machine learning models of different color profiles and settings other users have used for specific applications and games (which would allow us to incorporate an automatic profile based on what everyone else uses and you can change it after to whatever you prefer)

I’d imagine if such software can exist it would also prolong the lifespan of the nub being used to access the OSD on the monitor since you wouldn’t be using it often.

I do believe it’s sad Eve couldn’t use the new AUO optronics panels coming out soon (240hz in january without any red phospher messing up the low motion blur) but I think we need to work with what we have at this point and I think this would be an amazing value add for this monitor. All MSI monitors still require the USB upstream port connected to your pc/laptop in order for the app to work but if eve spectrum supports data through the usb c connection, we should take advantage of it cause lets be honest… everyone likes the idea of having just 1 cable hooked up to the monitor for power, OSD controls AND display port.