my thoughts about project V

Hey guys Eve V second Gen finally on the way. I heard Eve device listen to what their fan says so I have some suggestions. I noticed most OEM make Intel-based computer a lot we all know Intel is popular but look at another side AMD exists and AMD mobile processors are more power-efficient than intel because they build AMD processor on 7nm architecture when Intel is 12 nm so smaller a processor is more power-efficient it is but here I am not asking for ditch Intel what I am asking is to make AMD processor version too alongside Intel because some consumer might like Intel some might like AMD so I guess giving an option is good for OEM and also the buyers it’s a win-win for both side. Now let’s talk about cellular connectivity as Eve V is a 2 in 1 device to use on the go so we travellers might not find Wi-Fi everywhere and some might argue to use hotspot device with it but look because of network connectivity you have to use another device for your network connection even when you use your smartphone for it your smartphone is draining its battery so wouldn’t be convenient if you could go on cellular connectivity when you’re not in Wi-Fi zone? beside public Wi-Fi ain’t secure and safe if we talk about privacy. Let’s take about memory and storage windows device needs at least 8 GB RAM nowadays for run the computer smoothly so 16 GB base model would be better for future-proofing. some OEM makes 64 GB as for base model for their 2in1 but we all know it isn’t enough system storage needs 32 GB, some essential windows apps from windows stores would take let’s assume like 10 more GB storage now we have 42 GB for only for the system what would we do in 22 GB? so at least give 512 GB storage for the base model and max 1 TB for the higher-end model and an extra slot for user-upgradable because let’s face it consumes like to upgrade the device they see a user-upgradable quite welcoming feature, for example, take Microsoft surface x everyone loved its user-upgradable SSD for granted. Add a disagree GPU, not a powerful one just the one that’s mobile-friendly GPU such as Nvidia MX series or AMD’s offering so that professional or some casual gamers can take advantage of it. Don’t make your device too thin, being the worlds thinnest device is pointless if it can be bend and less durable make it cheerful by adding colours because only black and white being too boring, add a front camera for scanning documents and taking a decent picture. That’s all for now are you agree with me? If not tell me why in the comment section what’s your opinion and thoughts? I wanna know let’s have a conversation about it.

A lot of your items are already being talked about in this thread:

For the CPU they have already said that when they went to lock down a CPU there was not a good option for AMD back then. They will most likely look at AMD for the 3rd generation.


how about disgree GPU