My Surface Pro 1 dying before my V is born

My original Surface Pro arrived 5/2013 and 2 in 1 has been my style ever since. Last summer I spilled some Pepsi on my keyboard and it never really recovered. When I found nobody was selling the replacement I thought it was time to update. The new Surface was not acceptable because of the ports (I like to backup data from one external hdd to another and the docks are a pain). The V would’ve been the answer to my prayers if I were religious and I ordered one as soon as was possible.
But now, You must hurry. My power unit just fried! I still have the car charger as a poor substitute. So, the Christmas must be cancelled and Vs produced or there is one unhappy Finn here.
PS. I also wait for a Model 3. I hope my car doesn’t play the same trick on me.


My power unit (surface 3pro) died 3days ago. Found a new one in Amazon, got it today. Gives a bit of leeway until the V arrives.


I hear you my Finnish friend. I ordered a Model 3 as well and been waiting for both V and Tesla Model 3. But not sure which is arriving first. The frustration is real here!


I feel you dude, I’m also a current owner of an original Surface Pro since 2013. I was hoping the V would come because I have replaced the charging unit 6 times already! Hopefully we all get our Vs before our situation becomes worse :cry:


Sad news, my surface pro power button failed on me. Essentially, I’m tablet-less T_T I cant do any work until Eve V arrives whyyy

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I didn’t know the SP2 keybord works with this. Surprised they didn’t know that at the Microsoft store i visited while in SF. That’s a good tip! The keyboard stopped totally working while being now in Maldives on a diveboat. Luckily there is another SP1 onboard. I have to check the SP2 keyboard thing right away.