My Spectrum Just Arrived

My Spectrum just arrived this morning and I wanted to share some pictures of the retail packaging and my thoughts on the presentation. I ordered the 4K version and a stand. I didn’t order any accessories at this time, but hope they will be available at a later date to everyone to purchase. I would love some red DP and HMDI cables.

The stand and monitor came in one big box, with the stand at the top. The box had only one side to open it. The others were stapled together. It felt sturdy overall.

I really liked the look and feel of the packaging overall. The box artwork really displayed the products in an attractive manner and got me excited to open them up! The stand’s box was much bigger than I imagined that it would be.


Nice to see, where you from?

@paterralf From the US, but living in Japan.

Here is the rest of the unboxing experience. I found that the stand and the base were nicely wrapped in a very protective cloth. I found no blemishes, scratches or dings. The stand was also very heavy to me compared to the stands with my LG 27UK650W and 27UK550W. This made it feel really sturdy, and I like the square shape of it, as it fits my desk way better than the crescent shape found on the LG monitors’ stands.



Now onto the star of the show for me, Spectrum. The box was very nicely labeled. Spectrum’s name was done in a very nice glossy print, and the message below it really stated the mission of this project. I was also excited that this will be my first GSync display and HDR600 certified panel. I am super excited about these specs along with the 144Hz IPS panel <3<3<3



Upon opening up the box, you are greeted with a beautiful presentation of the monitor safely wrapped in its cloth a message waiting to be read. Above this, I was surprised to see how the power cable and AC Adapter were packaged!! It was so different and so cool! Eve, you guys and gals did an amazing job on this!!




There were so nice touches inside the welcome envelope that welcomed me as a new Eve customer. I like these little touches. It also included a color calibration chart that showed that my model was correctly calibrated to spec. This gave me some good reassurance to the quality of the display.

(As I wrote this, I’m only now just realizing the cheat code above “start” on the envelope. Nice one lol)

My favorite touch and surprise really had to be the paper I found below my screen. I thought it was just a black protective paper, but as I pulled the monitor out, the paper clung to the cloth around the montior and revealed that it was much more. On the front side, face down, was what I presume to be the names of community members that helped shaped the design of the same device I held in my hands. It really helped remind me how much Eve put the decision into the hands of the end-user. I loved it <3


(Fixed that last image to be right side up hehe)

I’ll try to get some follow-up on my experience using it. So far I have it hooked up to my PC and got it working over HDMI with my MacBook Pro 15. I will try more with the Type-C connecter with my macOS devices, and later hook up my Switch and Xbox X.



Looking forward to the Xbox experience.


I found my name on that!! That’s awesome!


Mine too! That’s hilarious :heart_eyes:


That’s such a nice touch!


HA! Found my name too! AWESOME!


mine is there too <3 ok, guess now I need to finally buy it :smiley:


I would have put my full name if I knew this was going to happen lmao


Spartty69 is there :heart:. Definitely a sentimental touch. Truly hope to see this monitor soon. Chose snail delivery so probably around end of August :weary:. Thanks for that unboxing :blush:.


Mine too - such a nice touch. Looks like they crushed it with the rest of the packaging too. Thanks for the shots! :smile:


and today is my community anniversary :smiley: