My scream has been heard! New V is here!

You may know me from my complaints about issues with V. Last time I wrote on support topic o Community that my tickets have to answers from support. In this exacly day I got answer from Velimir Elezovic. He apologized for the delay in answering and promised me quick solutions for my issues. We summed up:

This is THE LIST of all issues I have on V:

  • speakers distortions of higher volume (50+)
  • on higher CPU usage there are freezes, I can see it on mouse movement. Especially on fresh start (after reboot f.e.)
  • occasional total system hang-up, have to hard reset (about 10 times since I have V)
  • keyboard rattles a bit, keys can’t be pressed on edge because of mechanical crunching under key
  • USB-C port (this on top, not TB3) the cable is loose in the socket. On TB3 it sits tight
  • F9 & F12 functions seems to do nothing?
  • mini jack output power to low
  • there was missing some stuff in the box

He decided that I should get new V. I was very surprised by this decision although I am very happy about it. After couple of emails I got new V. There were some missing in this additional stuff but he sent me second shipment. So I have a brand new V. Is it diffrent from last one with issues? HELL F*** YEAH!

New V is like a completely new computer. As if the old V was in beta.

SOUND: you can not compare the old sound with the new one. It is not about power, it is and it was ok. New loudspeakers sound pure up to 100%, there is no distortion, the sound is different, better. They can be used for everyday playing music in the background or podcasts. However, if I want to listen to loud music, I can do it too. However, I personally choose external speakers, perhaps the Creative T20 / T40 II.

KEYBOARD: My God, how cool it is. Before I got a new V, I bought a Logitech K270 wireless keyboard. After receiving the new keyboard from Eve, I gave my Logitech keyboard to my wife. Currently, I use it as a basic bluetooth keyboard. I do not use the backlight, so it’s enough for my work day. I use it with great pleasure, although in fact I have the impression that sometimes the key is not reacting, but not so often. I believe, however, that this is a small thing to software update. It’s good, really good, and has multimedia keys at hand, which is very convenient.

CPU: I generally think that the CPU is more efficient and stable. In the BIOS, I switched to MAX PERFORMANCE. Every day V is connected to the monitor via the HUB adapter with one USB-C cable. And unfortunately, I noticed that the USB cable inserted into the V’s port makes noise. TB3 is quieter than the one above, but they both make a noise. When you listen to music it is not audible, but when you sit in silence you can hear it. It is not a adapter thing, the charger itself produces the same noise. It appears when the CPU is used. Support claims that this is a matter of Intel drivers. Maybe. What do you think about this?

DAC: I am looking forward to updating the headphone amplifier very much. Very. Currently, I have the impression that the sound is played on a standard amplifier on the motherboard. In my opinion, DAC is off. Currently testing borrowed from a friend Creative T20 II and there is a huge difference in sound quality (quality, not power) between V and my Axon 7. Axon plays widely, there are more details, the sound is better balanced. I would like V to play similarly after the update.

I have been working on my new workstation for a few days and I must admit that it is a pleasure. Support did a good job and I must honor them. Thank you Velimir for help.

PS. I do not remember which of you prepared this wallpaper, but it is divine. I love her.IMG_20180216_122321

EDIT 17.03.2018 - My new V also have an issue. I wrote about this in this topic:

Now I’m waiting for new V. Third one…

EDIT 06.04.2018 I’ve received third V. And this is total disaster! I asked Velimir to unpack new V that he would like to send me, test it, sign it his own name and then send it to me. He told, as Konsta told us today, that they have learned a lot since HEB and they solved issues.(SPOILER ALERT: they don’t). He sent me brand new, packed V that broke my heart.


  • hinge is quite loose, in my second V it stays still.
  • keyboard. It is as bad as a first one, the buttons are loose, they make noise while typing, they grind. ALSO new thing: left touchpad button has no click.
  • after I unpacked V it was buzzing on both ports when plug in. Also V was buzzing when it was not connected to charger, but quieter. But to be honest I decided lo leave V that it could update Win10. After that I updates all other drivers, some manualy, some with driver booster. After that, the buzzing ended. I try to force CPU to work hard but I couldn’t elicit this noise. Don’t know what to thing about this. But I don’t care because:
  • SPEAKER - total disaster, end of the world. My first V’s speakers was distorting only on high volume (60+) and in specific frequency. Those new one in third V are even worse. →

Dear @Team, dear @Konstantinos, dear @Smirdex, dear @reappear what you want me to do? What should I do? Should I wait for fourth V? For now I will stay with my second V and… don’t know. Refund? And what? I will wait 6 months for it? And I will work on what? For $$$ from V I can buy Surface Book first, i7/16/512gb Performance Base, or add 600$ and buy SB II used for 2-3 month (there are some on my polish ebay). I will wait for your comment guys, don’t know what to say. I am upset, disappointed, tired.

I have no news from support or Konsta - radio dead silence

Today I’ve noticed something new. My screen has burned holes? It can’t be cleaned. I tried to show you guys what is going on on photos. Screen is TOTALLY clean. All this white stains are the same - look like burn from inside. I pretty sure that it showed today. V vas mounted on arm next to my monitor since monday, so it is impossible that this is mechanical or something. Any idea what it is?


UPDATE 13.04.2018 AFTER LIVE STREAM - my answer:

Quite good quality of livestream. For future you can work to increase a volume of stream audio.

@Konstantinos, thank you for your answers. But I’m quite sure that you didn’t read my topic about V. I am no longer this funny guy that would like to have better speakers. I have good speakers on my second V that I really like. They are not like boom sound but they are clean, quite loud, no distortion. I bought big speakers for V and I listen music on them. You have a big problem with QC. On two device from three I had left speaker was totally broken, distorted as hell. (I believe music in hell sounds like on this speakers). Third V is soooo distorted that it is buzzing and cracking. Also two from three keyboards are unusable. That are not my feeling, something I like or not, that are ISSUES. On my second V (that one that I like very much and we are still best friends) speakers are good, keyboard is good but there is problem with noise on cable plug in (there is a video) and yesterday some stains showed on screen. Community said, that this are scratches from keyboard keys on antireflective layer or something. I am not quite sure but I can agree with this. Why? Please read my topic.

Who I am? I am guy from Poland (yes) that loved your ideas about best laptop ever. I believed that this will be perfect device for me and it could be. But for now I am guy from Poland that is sooo tired of this kind of posts. Please, don’t see me as a hater. Please don’t treat me as a guy with so big expectations that can’t be fulfilled. I am guy that has some much of patience that still wants to talk with you after so, soo, soooo bad relationship with you. Sometimes I see myself on this community as a wife that has a husband who beats her every day and she always loves him so stupidly. So please decide: do you have balls to send me fourth and propably fifth [ VV ] device? Or refund? Believe me Konsta, I am not funny guy anymore and I have no other (technology) dream that to have perfect V with no issues. Peace.

EDIT: One more thing. I saw you read my question about DAC/AMP. I know this will sound like conspiracy theory but it looked like you teammates stoped you from answer. Why there was no answer about this case?

UPDATE 17.04.2018 - I am done

I know you guys are so tired of my like I am tired of this situation so I will try to make it short. I decided that no matter if they will ever send me perfect V I can’t trust them anymore. My journey with V ends here. I sent an email to support for refund. I’ll let you know if and when it will be done.

UPDATE 18.04.2018 - official answer for my refund request.
If you are tired of this topic (as I am) you don’t have to read it. Simple as that.

Namely, we have reviewed the video you sent us regarding the speakers and we did not detect any issue with the sound, same situation with the first V as well, the speakers are fine. That being said, the hardware itself may not be something you are used to, but simply, this is what the V has to offer when it comes to the speakers and we have had no similar complaints thus far.

Regarding the buzzing, we once again did not detect any issue with the buzzing, so please if this continues with the V itself feel free to send a picture or video.

Refund is not possible after the expiration of the 14-day period, you are eligible for a warranty if the issue is deemed worthy of warranty.

Here is my answer:

I sent you video Submission ID# 49XC-TSAU. I should also send you a photo but for me photo can’t express this issue. Have you ever seen this video before? If Yes how can you say that they work fine? You are joking or what? You should know that: „this is what the V has to offer” is not the same as „they work good”.

So you will explain why, on my second V, the speakers play clean on the uploaded video, on the “sounds of windows” and music? Same drivers, same hardware. Sorry mate, but I can’t trust your QC standards.

I understand that your position in this matter will be to downplay the problems and to persuade me and other people that we made up problems?

So as a user of three devices my position is: V has a Factory defects.

  • as you said speakers work as they should. I have evidence that they are distorted as hell. You can’t repeair it coz this is like it should be (I don’t agree coz I have good one on my second V)
  • on specification you promised mini-jack AMP/DAC. It doesn’t work for a quite long time. V is not compliant with the specification.
  • after 2 month of use I have stains on screen. They were created by rubbing the keys on the screen. It is also a manufacturing defect that you can not repair, because a weak keyboard is what V has to offer. My V is mostly mounted on arm (from behind) so I am not a heavy travelling user.
  • second V has an issue with buzzing noise that CPU is producting when it is connected to original charger. This is a factory defect, because you wrote to me in the email that attempts have been made to change the production line to remove this problem.

As I said you can’t provide me a well working V. I want to withdraw from the purchase contract because of this. I do not want to use my right to return the product within 14 days. You have not fulfilled the contract so I want to solve it. As I mentioned at the Community, even if you provide me with V that will temporarily work properly, you have lost my confidence in the quality of the product and I do not have time to constantly get rid of new computers. In this case refund is possible.

Man, I am very disappointed with your position, but you should know that I will not give up in this situation to your attempts to ignore the problem and throw all of it on me and my fantasies. This is playing below the belt.


Artur buddy - 100% sincere here - super happy for you. Been a long ass wait.

Glad you can finally enjoy the not-crappy audio! Here, enjoy some music!

the wives here often seem to serve as recycling facility … :thinking:


UPDATE in first post!

another update in first post.

I also have the buzzing noise, the severity of which is related to the charge state of the battery on connection to the charger.

I will document tomorrow and reach out to support, cheers for the heads up.

Did yours also have the electrical “fuzziness” when you touch the casing when it’s plugged in? Like it’s been badly earthed…

So I am not the only one with hinges problems…

This is a common occurrence with aluminium devices, the V isn’t the first device I’ve had that has it.

It probably isn’t the device but the charger, I notice it less when I use the charger that came with the Asus T3P, and it’s tingly af when I plug the V into my TV, even through the USB C to hdmi converter.

I’ve got the same problem with my wives iPad Pro. It has to do with a certain combination of EMI filter design in the device and stray signals on the power line interfering with SMPS electronics. Not everyone is susceptible to this at all.
I am and there is no other solution than trying different chargers or using a different device.

NEW ISSUE in first post

looks like the anti-reflective coating scratching off.

Just like that? V was mounted, it can’t be from mechanical stuffs.

Can’t really tell from your photos, not clear if the spots are caused by the lcd pixels or the light reflection.

Is the screen turned on?

Yes, it is turned off.

If it it turned OFF, then it couldn’t be bad pixels, I think?

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It is possible what you are saying… This is my fault or what? V is mounted from Monday to Friday.

Don’t know. Support will tell you.

But dude - seeing as it’s you - I’d say just prepare for another replacement.

I guess it should be heartening to see that eve will keep replace your V without limit.

Your V journey is all at once a tragic tale of qc, an epic epistle of warranty replacements, and funny as shit. Wouldn’t wanna be ya, but 11/10 would watch again.

I would say “man I hope they solve this for you soon” but at this point I don’t know if I’m rooting for you to finally get a perfect V or just keep racking up replacements.

But you know I still love you. :heart:


Which of your 3 Vs are these marks on?

I’ve got the same issue and in my case, the scratched off coating is exactly at the position of the elevated spot on the J, so I assumed it would have been the keyboard. But if your device is mounted all day, the keyboard can’t be the root cause for this…

Second one. Third one is packed and ready to take off