My sad opinion after Audio update 19.01

So I installed v1.1 Drivers, restart my V. I opened Utility tool and loaded distortion profile. Here are my results:

Distortion is still there but the speakers seems to be quieter then before. I’m going to be believe that this is not software issue, but hardware. There are some small issues with my V that can’t be repair by an update. This is our compromise. We bought devices from start-up company with dead-line pressure so there have to be some issues.

After I decided to buy something smaller than laptop (like SP4) I was very happy with this project. So many benefits over SP4, many ports, better display (little), QUAD F**G SPEKARERS and AMP, good price. It was so rational choice over SP4. But when Surface Pro (2017) was released my “hype” for V has been lowered. SP is very good device and after I bought SP4 m3 for my wife I was pretty sure that this device is solid peace of work.

Now I’ve been using V since HEB and I’m sure, that I need device like this, with this kind of mobility and size. But I’m wondering is my choice of V was a good one. You all are happy that V speakers after software Update sounds better, but let’s be honest, there are still a joke, not this that was promised. Maybe one day AMP will work, maybe.

I’m happy with V as my daily device, but only with this mobility, battery life is quite good (especially after 2h battery life on my Lenovo Y510P). I’m using V almost all day long and I have to face all this small issues every day. I’m trying to listing to music (coz my friend from work with my old Y510p with great speakers is sick) but every time my Windows wants something from me I hear distortion. So I have to jump from 40% of volume (where there is no distortion) and 100% that is pumping this flat music outside of me. Maybe I should also keeps my hands over speakers to direct sound to me? :confused: And also this sound of keyboard, as TERO from support wrote to me: keyboard rattles a bit. Yeeees, a bit. But when I write something longer, like this post, it is also frustrating, especially when some keys are not responding when they are pressed and I have to go back and correct a mistake.

I’m happy with this kind of device, but now I am not happy as a V owner. I quite tired of fighting, updating, writing to support that answer quite slow. I should pack my V, send it back to China and wait and believe that this is only me device with all this ease-to-fix, “software issues” and they will sent me new one, with no issues. But they wont, they count every V. They promised me a quality device, but V is not finished, not polished device. Maybe I also regret that I didn’t buy Surface Pro 2017 or 13 inch Surface Book. I don’t know. I am tired of this. And I look on media keys (F1-F12) and I see those leds… ehhh… I am tired.


Are u using the keyboard attached or detached as bluetooth? I did read some people in forum having this issue while using as bluetooth.

I paste you what I send to support:


My two cents:

Considering that it’s four speaker drivers with, if I remember correctly, twice the rated power as the market standard, I agree they are very, very underwhelming. It’s my strong belief that the drivers they got are not of good enough quality (I believe they were promised something that could not be delivered) and I would highly recommend them to change the supplier of that particular part for future batches, once a better one is found (also: two bigger drivers are better than 4 smaller, considering the placement choices in the V).
This said, I haven’t installed the update yet and I don’t feel compelled to at the moment. I will try of course.

Another thing they have to improve is the touchpad, as there’s something weird to it. I can’t quite tell if it’s sensitivity or just that it loses taps… but it definitely doesn’t pick up all my taps. That’s something they should look into and try to fix sooner rather than later. Same goes for the initial Bluetooth pairing process, that doesn’t go smooth at all.

All the rest, so far, seems to be absolutely gorgeous to me. I’m very happy with the V and I would definitely buy it again.


when my patience will be over I will write an e-mail to the support:slight_smile:

My speakers are buzzing during work (while listening to music too), according to the warranty you have two weeks to repair them. I do not care if it will be a software update or not. You have to fix it. If at this time you fail to repair the defect you have to replace the equipment with a new one. That’s how it will end.

I bought V to make my work easier. I don’t want to worry about all this stuff.

In short yes, but its not that “easy”. The merchant has the possibility to fix the problem. After first repair “attempt” you are not allowed to get a refund or a swap to a brand new one. It will take atleast few times after you have a legal right to ask for “refund” or a new machine.

But the thing is if the speakers are not faulty then there is nothing to do. If their quality is just not enough for you, you have the 2 week period to send it back. But where the line goes that the speakers are faulty, that is the main point

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you are wrong. It is not a matter of my feelings that the speakers sound bad. You can bring all issues to this the words: it is not a failure of the equipment but your dissatisfaction. I do not have a badly constructed keyboard that makes noise when using and the keys do not push. This is a matter of my bad attitude. I still have no answer about stuff missing in my box. About the speakers I was quite first in community that wrote about this and low amp volume. You promised me that this will be fixed. This is why I have wait to this day. Now I see there are no chances to repair all issues with updates. Yes, you can make speakers quieter to 40% and there will be no distractions :slight_smile: I don’t remember when HEB was deliver but it is about two months now. We are not so far with progress from the beginning of issues journey.

Well I haven’t promised you anything :slight_smile:

But anyways, I personally don’t see the fuzz about speakers or volume. I tend to want to work in peace and use noise cancelling headphones. I see where you are coming from and won’t blame that you waited if something was promised by EVE.

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Gonna have to agree here. What @Filippo_Possenti said is correct, twice the rater power as the market standard for each driver, in addition to having twice the number of drivers. The quality of the sound, based on every single report of every single user, is nothing close to what was implied.

IMHO, not fixing this is not an option. Time isn’t an issue, it takes time to fix things. But it does need to be fixed, properly, to achieve advertised levels of quality. At some point in time.

Very disappointing for me, as this was a use case for my V as well as outdoor use.


What is the problem with the Bluetooth pairing? Ctrl+bt icon to wake the keyboard and then hold the bt button down for a moment so it shows in your computer as annew device

Ehhhhhh!..EU law allows the return of all purchases for a full refund even if you do not like the way it looks in the sunshine. Period. The merchant has ABSOLUTELY no say in this.

Any fault that appears within six months will be presumed to have existed at the time of delivery. The seller must then repair or replace your phone free of charge - or reimburse you if repairs or replacement are impossible.
After six months, you can still hold the seller responsible for any defects during the full two-year guarantee period. However, if the seller contests this, you must be able to prove that the defect existed at the time of delivery. This is often difficult, and you will probably have to involve a technical expert.
Source: FAQs|Guarantees, cancelling and returning your purchases - Your Europe
additional info
Guarantees, cancelling and returning your purchases - Your Europe


I want to counter this argument by saying that I have had no issues with the speakers, and have said so multiple times. I would say that they sound (subjectively) “better” than my SP 4 speakers. And when it comes to the dac, there’s not even a comparison to be made. The dac in the V is fantastic compared to anything else I’ve ever listened to (in the same or comparable class).

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Had it been this smooth, I would have not written about it.

Basically, I couldn’t get it to connect despite following the instructions to the letter and despite numerous attempts, even trying to change the procedure myself a bit in order to cater for possible mistakes in the instructions online.

I managed to get it to connect only after one day and as of now I’m not entirely sure why it worked, as I followed exactly the same procedure. The only possible “mistake” I did is that in the attempt that actually worked the keyboard pins got connected to the V due to them being very close while I was attempting to pair.

EU law also states that the merchant can refund you with vouchers valid only in their shop, if they so like.

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Sadly, if you want to return for a refund, you risk not getting the refund. At least that is what other threads are implying from people who’ve been waiting weeks. If you return your computer for repair, you may not get another one soon, so you need two computers if you own a V, basically.

So as I said maybe my V speakers issue is not software. I can’t wait to see what support will decide with my issues. For now I feel that they try to late decision as long as they can.

Yes, within the given period which is usually 14 days. As we have discussed already. Few shops here give us 30 days of money back (full amount) guarantee on all items. So you can go and buy a phone and return it during the 30 days, no matter if you have used it or not (unless its broken of course)

After that it goes little harder but if you can demonstrate that the “fault” has been in the device from the start then the merchant is liable to fix it or reimburse you. But if they decide to reimburse, it usually wont be the whole sum.

Also as said, they could just provide you gift card to EVEs webshop. Most shops here in EU just give you a gift card but some also just give you the money back.

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Hi You will find that this is incorrect. This is a very common mis belief . The return period is 30 days and it’s for a full monetary refund in the same medium you paid in. Pay in euros, get euros back, pay in vouchers (you received as a gift) you get vouchers back. Firstly you are protected by the consumer code of your home country then if that affords you less rights than EU law, then EU trumps you country’s local law, stipulated in the Lisbon Treaty.


This is now the point. I don’t want to return it, I love to have V without issues.

We all do, that is where our good community works for.:hugs: